Belgrade Airport launches mobile app


Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport has rolled out a mobile application which offers a range of services to passengers. Available for Android and iOS devices in Serbian and English, the app provides individuals the opportunity to check their flight status, gate information, real-time parking availability, terminal maps and a host of other services. The airport notes the development of the app was a natural step since 80% of clicks on its website come from mobile devices. “The introduction of the mobile application is another step towards compliance with the best global practices and VINCI Airports standards. The mobile application will be regularly updated with the latest information and new functionalities in order to improve the user experience”, the airport said in a statement.


  1. Vlad13:58

    Doesn't offer a whole lot of useful information, to be honest, but I guess it's better than nothing.

    1. Anonymous14:40

      A šta to ne nudi,budite konkretni?

    2. Vlad15:12

      No terminal map
      No point-to-point navigation
      No transfer guide
      No info on entry conditions to the lounges
      No info on public transport options

      These are just some of the basic functionalities I expect from an airport app.

    3. Anonymous15:15

      Terminal maps are available, public transport is there... I guess it would be good to add luggage info and option to track on specific flight and to get notifications about it.

    4. Vlad15:24

      Wow, the placement of the terminal map is super weird. The main button leads to an external Maps app, and then you have to figure out you need to click on the other button below to view the actual terminal map. In fact I hadn't even realised at first that there was a menu with buttons on the bottom. Definitely needs more work in terms of UX and navigation.

    5. Anonymous15:26

      Also, no notifications about delays etc. For example, you could select a flight and get push notifications when the status, gate and time changes. Useful for passengers and while waiting for someone. The app as it is is no better than website so basically useless.

    6. Anonymous15:55

      Some airports offer text message/SMS or email notification about departure time changes or gate changes, arrival notification etc for all airlines operating at the terminal. Some are paid service. Does BEG offer that?

    7. Anonymous17:09

      Completely nonsense "while waiting for someone". Just idiots from IT selling their useless products. Yahoo, Airbnb, and Reddit never turned a profit.

    8. Anonymous17:52

      Complete nonsense? Montreal Airport does it the right way:

    9. That is absolutely expected from the application that was just released. It will be undergone with many changes and fixes by the time. Nothing can be perfect, even the most popular apps for such purpose. There will always be bugs or lack of functionalities.

      I think this is a great moment, since we've never had any application of this kind for the Nikola Tesla airport. So let's take this as a positive step.

  2. Anonymous20:55

    Sranje, ništa se nije ni očekivalo da odrade kako valja. Bitno da drže Vojvođansku banku na spisku koja ne postoji 2 godine. Bullshit.

  3. Pored svih promena i servisa koji ce biti dostupni u produzetku nove zgrade Terminala 2, posebno privlaci naziv
    BEOGRAD na cirilici. Postavljen natpis tako skladno izgleda.
    Koliko god kritika bilo izreceno, nikada u istoriji Srbije nije bilo uslova, mogucnosti i izbora na Aerodromu Beograd.
    Niti drvo bez grane, ni aerodroma, ni coveka bez mane.Dok je ljudi bice i reci. Kakve reci i dela stvaramo, takvi i jesmo.
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  4. Novi dogradjen i preporodjen Aerodrom Beograd bice lepota i ponos ljudi koji rade na njemu, putuju sa njega...


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