Guide to Qatar Airways’ Belgrade, Zagreb World Cup flights


The 2022 FIFA World Cup begins in under two weeks in Doha with Qatar Airways the official carrier. The airline has modified its services to both Belgrade and Zagreb several times over the past few months for the duration of the sporting spectacle, which begins on November 20 and runs until December 18.

Qatar Airways will deploy its Airbus A330 aircraft from November 21 until December 3 to Belgrade, when the last of the group match games will be played. During that period, the airline has scheduled two flights on November 23, as well as the A350-900 on December 2. Services will run daily until December 10 after which they are scheduled to return to their regular five weekly service. Further changes to the schedule are expected if the Serbian national team advances past the group stages or there is additional demand for later matches.

Qatar Airways Belgrade operations, 20.11 - 18.12

* Two flights operating on 23.11 with A320 and A330-300

Passengers flying out of Zagreb will have a greater selection of wide-body aircraft on Qatar Airways’ flights from November 21 until December 7, after which the A320 will take over. Operations to the Croatian capital will be maintained daily until the end of the tournament, after which they will revert back to four weekly. Passengers flying in business class will have the opportunity to enjoy the carrier’s award-winning Q-suite product on all flights operated by the Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. Further changes to the schedule are expected if the Croatian national team advances past the group stages or there is additional demand for later matches.

Qatar Airways Zagreb operations, 20.11 - 18.12

Premium passengers on Zagreb flights can sample the Q-suite seat on the B777-300ER


  1. Anonymous11:31

    Damn ZAG is outperforming BEG by quite a bit

    1. Anonymous12:00

      It makes sense

    2. Anonymous12:06

      Croats always had better purchasing power than Serbs.

    3. Anonymous12:09

      And were better at soccer, which is what counts here. Not sure how bigger their purchasing power is considering 2 flights per week, meaning Croatians don’t travel much to exotic destinations.

    4. Anonymous12:11

      I counter 14 wide-bodies at BEG compared to ZAG’s 12.

    5. Anonymous12:12

      We croats have more money and big passion for football, but out of that we do not travel that much. Qatar will have only two flights per week after worldcup. I came yesterday in the morning back in Zagreb with Qatar. LF was around 65%.

    6. Anonymous12:20

      ZAG is far behind BEG in so many aspects, but I'm glad it's having its 5 minutes of glory with these flights. Looking forward to seeing the A350 in BEG too!

    7. Anonymous12:24

      I lived and worked for an austrian bank in both cities there is definatly more money in Belgrad than Zagreb by far.. So I dont agree with your comment regarding thr purchasing power or do you mean the rural population ... this I dont know

    8. Anonymous12:54

      Croatia was a finalist last turnament, of course there will be more interest. Serbia is unlikely to make it past the group stage. The true demand is shown outside of the tournament when Doha-Zagreb is maintained a symbolic twice per week on an A320. Meanwhile Belgrade is 5 weekly along with 14 weekly flights from Dubai

    9. Anonymous15:12

      I mean a lot of slovenians uses ZAG for this flights as well to connect in Doha, i did it too

    10. Anonymous20:16

      Indeed, I saw many Slovenians on Qatar flights from Zagreb <3

  2. Anonymous13:59

    Za Beograd za Beograd svu su culi' America I Evropa!.........

  3. Anonymous17:10

    Croatia is always performing better than Serbia at World Cups .
    Having more flights on bigger aircraft thus makes totally sense .


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