Gulf Air hiring in Serbia


Bahrain’s national carrier Gulf Air will be hiring cabin crew members from Serbia next week. The airline will host a recruitment event in Belgrade on December 3 at the Holiday Inn. Those interested in attending must apply here. Some of the Gulf Air cabin crew benefits include a fixed average gross monthly salary of 2.380 US dollars, duty day allowance, hourly productivity allowance from sign in to sign off, meal allowances during training, annual leave of up to 36 days, free health care and accommodation, as well as travel benefits for the employee, their family and friends.


  1. Anonymous16:20

    First time I see them hiring here

  2. Anonymous16:23

    Had a chance to fly Gulf Air this year. Fantastic airline, new planes, great crew. Had a great Romanian crew member working in my isle. The airport in Manama is stunning.

    1. Anonymous13:12

      The new terminal in BAH is amazing. Haven't checked out the new DOH, but in my opinion BAH has the best terminal in the Gulf. It's the perfect size to navigate too.

      GF is hit or miss. Their business class hard product on the 787 is great, but service just ok. Definitely a step behind the other Gulf carriers. In economy, they're nothing special. And my biggest gripe with GF is their IFE. It's bizarre that in this day and age they have only about 5 movies to show from 10 yrs ago.

    2. Anonymous13:10

      GF has improved a lot in business class cokpared to the past

  3. Anonymous10:30

    5 movies to show? Brother they have 160 movies in total on demand on their newer planes. You probably traveled on the older aircrafts which will be phased out sooner.


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