Skopje on course to handle two million passengers in 2022


Skopje Airport welcomed 198.850 passengers in October, representing a decrease of 6.8% on the same month during the pre-pandemic 2019. The number of commercial aircraft movements declined 2.4% to 1.454. During the first ten months of the year, Skopje Airport handled 1.824.309 travellers, down 9.3% on three years ago, or 187.060 fewer customers. It should be noted that Macedonian citizens were restricted from traveling to most European markets during the first quarter of the year due to Covid-19 prevention measures. Skopje Airport is now on course to handle over two million passengers this year.


  1. Anonymous10:19

    Good results

  2. Anonymous13:21

    Has Ohrid published it's results yet

    1. Anonymous14:00

      I think Ohrid for Octomber is more then 22.000 ...

    2. Anonymous15:16

      They were also with reduced traffic during runway works last winter as well. Good results for Skopje.

    3. Anonymous12:53

      Dobro bi im došao nacionalni prijevoznik, 4-5 polovnih aviona starih 15ak godina lako se može naći na tržištu za 100njak milijuna dolara.


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