Trending in October

The following are the ten most read articles on EX-YU Aviation News throughout October according to accumulated statistics: 

The three most read trip reports in October:

The most popular vintage photo published in October:

Ohrid Airport, 1977

The most visitors by country:

1. Serbia
2. Croatia
3. Slovenia
4. United Kingdom
5. United States
6. Germany
7. Canada
8. Bosnia and Herzegovina
9. Macedonia
10. Switzerland
11. Netherlands
12. Australia
13. Austria
14. Sweden
15. Ireland


  1. Anonymous14:01

    Where did Aviogenex used to fly from Ohrid?

    1. Anonymous11:39

      Belgrade? (leissure to Ohrid)

  2. Anonymous14:12

    Search engines and page views always beat loyal visitors contributing their comments. Not much correlation between the list of most read articles vs. articles with most comments.

    1. Anonymous17:12

      I think the topic also matters. For example I see the Virgin story is high up. People were interested in it here who visit ex-Yu but also I guess people who follow Virgin Atlantic in the UK. I think that's also why a lot of Wizz stories are always high up because it has greater appeal outside of just the ex-Yu community. At least that's my theory. This site being in English is a huge advantage compared to other regional sites. I often see EX-YU sourced on Simply Flying and other major aviation sites. Or when United filed some regulatory objection about Etihad to the FAA they sourced EX-YU about their codeshre with Air Serbia!


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