Air Serbia takes delivery of latest ATR72


Air Serbia has taken delivery of its fourth ATR72-600 aircraft. Registered YU-ALZ, the turboprop arrived in Belgrade yesterday evening. It is nine years old and previously operated on behalf of Aer Arann and Stobart Air. The aircraft has been stored since June of last year. Air Serbia has now taken delivery of a total of four ATR72-600s this year and is due to take up another aircraft of the same type shortly for a total of five turboprops. The fifth ATR was also formerly operated by Stobart Air and will be leased from German Operating Aircraft Leasing (GOAL). The aircraft replacing the carrier’s five ATR72s which are on average thirty years old, several of which have now been retired. The airline previously said that it is looking at adding a further five ATRs in the future, while converting some of its old turboprops into cargo aircraft.


  1. Anonymous10:39

    Keep them coming 😀

  2. Anonymous10:41

    Bravo Air Serbia 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸

  3. Anonymous10:48

    Wow, five more ATRs are about to come! With 10 turboprops they can cover the whole region.

    1. Anonymous23:48

      That would be great and to base at least one ATR in BNX and INI

    2. Anonymous13:40

      And one at KVO, please

  4. Er Srbija gradi flotu ATR 72 - 600. To je vise nego dobra mogucnost. Posle upotrebe u putnickom saobracaju i osnivanja svojeg Kargo prevoznika, posle konverzije.
    Za pocetak tri ovava aviona bi bila veoma ekonomicna za kargo prevoz po Evropi, Bliskom Istoku i Severnoj Africi.
    Ostali ATR - ovi ovog tipa mogli bi da sluze u Carter i ad hok
    saobracaju za duze vreme. Er Srbija na dobrom je putu razvoja.
    Stogodisnjica je blizu od vremena Sandenmajerovog AeroPuta. Uporni i odani ljudi ponosno slave stogodinjice.
    I sam svedocim, jer sam penzionisan u stogodisnjem Qantas - u, u dalekom Sidneju.
    Srecna i prosperitetna Nova 2023 Godina!
    Rodney Marinkovic and Aviation Enthusiast Associate Group. 🇷🇸😀🛫♥️✈🌐✈

    1. Anonymous11:58

      It would a lot quieter if they didn't have propellers. Plus it's time for JU to step into the times and add wifi on their flights.

    2. Anonymous12:39


    3. Anonymous12:53

      Sure lets have turboprops without propellers lol
      And no, jets of simmilar size in the same role as JU has them simply cannot compete. It is purely uneconomical, regardless of the noise and slightly slower flight speed.

    4. Anonymous17:06

      You mean unducted fan? There is no commercial passenger jet plane in service of that type and will not be for many years.

    5. Anonymous11:58

      Always someone complaining about great news...

  5. Anonymous12:13

    Go Serbia!

  6. Anonymous15:21

    I actually prefer turboprops for any flight thats 60 mins or under. Take off and landing are much more smooth, an I feel safer in general.

  7. Anonymous18:55

    Samo napred

  8. Anonymous05:05

    Does Air Serbia have any plans in the future to lease ATR-42-600 into their fleet for some of their new regional destinations?


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