Estonian start-up to fly to Croatia


Estonian start-up carrier Marabu Airlines will operate flights to Croatia from Germany next summer season. Despite its Estonian Air Operator’s Certificate, Marabu will maintain operations from Munich and Hamburg. It has been established by Attestor, which also owns Germany’s Condor. The German carrier will be responsible for the distribution of Mairbu flights, although the two airlines will be independent of each other. Marabu will boast a fleet of up to four Airbus A320neo aircraft. Although the exact destinations within its network are yet to be revealed, the airline has said it will maintain operations to Croatia, along with Egypt, Italy, Portugal and Spain. Condor operates seasonal services to Dubrovnik, Split and Rijeka in Croatia.


  1. Anonymous13:44

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  2. Anonymous14:04

    Weird felx but ok :D

  3. Anonymous14:41

    It looks like Marabu not Maribu.

  4. They should consider changing slightly their name to Maribo and base one a/c at MBX 😃

  5. Anonymous18:58

    I don't really understand the reason for this airline if it's a sister carrier to Condor and tickets are sold through their channels anyway. Is it a different on-board product? Is it a labour cost thing, that they have more favourable crew agreements?

    1. Anonymous21:42

      Of course. Trying to squeeze a few jura more.

    2. Because of the state aid Condor isn't allowed to grow and they don't have capacities as well bc of the phase in of the A330neo and the phase out of the 757. With the new airline they'll replace their sub charters.


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