Nine EX-YU flights to mark New Year while airborne


Passengers on nine flights departing or arriving in the former Yugoslavia will reign in the New Year while airborne. Although many airlines used to retime or cancel flights that would coincide with New Year celebrations, the practice is becoming less common. However, several services in the region have been rescheduled to avoid the clash. Wizz Air has moved its flights from Skopje to Gothenburg and Cologne so the return service would not overlap with festivities, while Austrian Airlines will not operate its evening flights to either Skopje or Pristina on December 31 for the same reason. However, a handful of flights will run throughout midnight. They include the following:

Departing from Belgrade Airport

· Hainan Airlines to Beijing via Dalian
· Wizz Air to Abu Dhabi
· Air Serbia to Moscow
· Air Serbia to Kazan
· Air Serbia to St Petersburg
· Turkish Airlines to Istanbul
· Flydubai to Dubai

With an estimated arrival time of 00.05, passengers flying Turkish Airlines from Belgrade to Istanbul might just be on the ground in the Turkish city when the clock strikes midnight. On the other hand, Air Serbia passengers scheduled to arrive in Belgrade from Paris at 23.55 on December 31, may find themselves on final approach into the Serbian capital as 2023 begins.

Arriving at Skopje Airport

· Wizz Air from Malmo

Departing from Podgorica Airport

· Turkish Airlines to Istanbul


  1. Anonymous13:43

    Etihad is organising parties on few flights that will be airborne at midnight :D

  2. Anonymous13:44

    There is going to be a whole lot of JU passengers celebrating new year at the airport. Many of their flights depart just after midnight.

  3. Anonymous14:26

    I know that some years ago, OS was actually selling New Year celebrations on planes, circling, I suppose above Vienna

    1. Anonymous14:27

      That's actually quite cool

    2. Anonymous19:21

      That would be something spectacular. But no hope for Air Serbia management, they lack some real creativity

    3. Anonymous19:49

      Circling above Vienna is no longer acceptable for eco reasons.

  4. Anonymous14:51

    I forgot JU flies to Kazan. How are those flights doing?


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