Ryanair lifts Tuzla to its busiest November on record


Tuzla Airport registered its busiest November on record, handling 50.651 passengers, up 42.7% on the pre-pandemic 2019. It marks the first time since February 2020 that the airport has recorded an improved result compared to 2019. The growth was fuelled by Ryanair, which launched operations from Vienna, Stockholm and Memmingen, providing competition to Wizz Air, which was up until November the sole scheduled operator from Tuzla. During the January - November period, Tuzla Airport welcomed 422.185 passengers, which is still down 23.4% on 2019.


  1. Anonymous10:50

    Wow! So TZL has now reached INI levels if not more. Congrats! Meanwhile, they have cut SO many Romanian routes especially SBZ, SCV and OMR! :(

    1. Anonymous11:00

      INI levels?

    2. Anonymous11:30

      Lol, TZL has always been in front of INI, so its more the other way around, INI has to reach TZL levels :) Well done Tuzla!

      Any news on Ryanair in Banja Luka? Still no flights for next summer season :/

    3. Anonymous18:18

      For BNX is a bit questionable until they form new government. Fingers crossed they don't cut that deal with ryanair

    4. Anonymous01:45

      PM is the same so I don't expect any change

  2. Anonymous20:51

    If Wizz leaves TZL, that wouldn't be so good


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