Saudi Arabia’s Flynas to launch Tivat service


Saudi Arabian low cost carrier Flynas will launch its second destination in Montenegro during the summer of 2023. The airline will commence seasonal operations between Riyadh and Tivat, complementing its summer flights between the Saudi capital and Podgorica. The new service will be inaugurated on June 1 and run three times per week with the Airbus A320neo aircraft until August 31. Earlier this year, the Montenegrin government announced the new route. Further flight details can be found here.


  1. Anonymous14:18

    Definitely, every year they win 2 or 3 times like this, still that is continuous success.
    Bravo for you, you have marvelous observation.

    1. Anonymous14:25

      Always some negativity...

  2. Anonymous18:22

    Whats the point of this route?

    1. Anonymous18:23

      Saudi tourists. Montenegro waives visa requriments for Saudis during summer months as of this year.

  3. Anonymous07:59

    Flights appear to have vanished from Flynas’ booking system ! Did they pull this ? They certainly have capacity shortages!!


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