Turkish Airlines sees record Skopje results


Turkish Airline has recorded its best performance on the Istanbul – Skopje route on record. The airline handled 105.458 passengers during the January - August period, for which data has been processed, representing an increase of 3% on the pre-pandemic 2019 when it welcomed 102.415 travellers. Istanbul’s main airport is also Skopje’s busiest overall destination. If Pegasus Airlines’ figures on flights between Sabiha Gokcen Airport and the Macedonian capital are taken into account, which have also reached record levels, the total number of passengers between the two cities rises to 183.390.

Turkish Airlines’ Skopje performance, January - August


  1. Anonymous13:56

    Excellent numbers for TK! Let's see what happens next year with Lufthansa around.

    1. Anonymous11:15

      @4.33 lol where did u get that

  2. Anonymous14:10

    Impressive by Turkish, but even more impressive by Pegasus IMO

  3. Anonymous14:40

    This destination has way to go.
    IST is so attractive, I am betting that SKP IST will be 300K within 5 years.

    1. Anonymous04:35

      I wish they start ohrid to istanbul so i can travel from usa to ohrid
      Is a big potential specialy sunmer time
      People from struga debar kicevo albania are more than 90k people in usa majority albanians
      Including korça in albania and pogradec

  4. Anonymous15:45

    It's because of the Russians. After the start of the war, many Russians began to come to Macedonia despite the suspension of the visa agreement - Macedonian embassy give a visa easily, almost on the same day, and for those who already have a Schengen visa, entry is already possible without a visa. More than half of the arrived russians stay and get a residence permit, it is also easy in Macedonia. Turkish Airlines is perhaps the only foreign company still operating in Russia.

    1. Anonymous16:51

      Nooo there are very few Russians coming to Macedonia...
      On a separate note they might consider re-introducing that mid day flight again, but first they need to get back to at least double daily, which is not the case...

    2. Anonymous17:13

      @15.45 such an absurd post

    3. Anonymous18:23

      Interesting. How many Russians arrived to Macedonia? Is it the similar trend as in Serbia?

    4. Anonymous19:37

      that is not a trend. first time i hear something like this.

    5. Anonymous01:41

      yes absolutely ridiculous

  5. Anonymous17:06

    but offcourse with missing Dubai and Doha flights …

  6. Anonymous17:15

    better results with less frequences. they must be packed and sending bigger planes

  7. Anonymous14:08

    Pegasus must be more then 3% i guess


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