Air Serbia introduces Chinese-inspired on board meals


Air Serbia has rolled dishes influenced by Chinese cuisine in both business and economy class as part of its on board catering offer. The meals are currently being served on the carrier’s flights between Belgrade and Tianjin. Some items from the menu include chicken in sweet chili sauce with Chinese cabbage and vegetables, sweet and sour pork with fried rice and chicken in roasting sauce with rice and vegetables. The airline will also soon have Cabin Crew Brand Ambassadors for China on its flights to and from the country whose main role will be to perform simultaneous translation for crew in communication with passengers both in-flight and with visitors at the carrier’s Premium Lounge in Belgrade.


  1. Anonymous13:31

    Bravo Air Serbia 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸

  2. Anonymous14:28

    Well done, simple touch, great results!

  3. Anonymous14:51

    Marek definitely knows what he's doing. This said, good luck ASL, luck will definitely be needed.

    1. Anonymous14:59

      How will luck be needed? The flight relies on technology and good customer service helps a lot.

    2. Anonymous15:06

      Luck as in geopolitical and the overall world situation. They're seizing the moment and kudos to ASL.

    3. Anonymous15:10

      This has nothing to do with him, idea came from one of the JU departments, he just approved it.

    4. Anonymous16:06

      Improvements to catering, service and new offerings happened in large quantity during 2013-2014 years. By far more than any other period.

    5. Anonymous16:59

      I remember back in 2017 when i was going to Beijing via Moscow when we landed in Moscow and on our way to Beijing gate somewhere in the middle there were three female representatives of Aeroflot, pure Russians, speaking fluent Mandarin with a big group of lost Chinese. I was super impressed of the level of customer service.
      Now JU is doing the same! Great job!
      Hope to see simplified chinese signs on Nikola Tesla too

    6. Anonymous18:42

      Belgrade airport had a desk at arrivals level with Chinese language info when Hainan started flying to Belgrade via Prague.

    7. Anonymous18:49

      True and in the Belgrade business class lounge they had 2 hot Chinese dishes on the day Hainan flew (even with Chinese writing saying what the food is).

    8. Anonymous08:24

      Guys this expansion has little to do with Marek, JU has been mostly expanding since 2013.
      If Marek was such an expansion and sales guru then his native Prague would be a much better performer and it would have at least double daily flights like LJU for example. Like this it will have 4-5 weekly next summer.

    9. Nick08:35

      No, it has not been mostly expanding. In fact from 2016 to 2019 it cut numerous routes and slaughtered frequencies due to failed startegy and huge losses. It started expanding in 2019 when Marek baceme CCO. Flights to the country of orogin of the CEO has little do with anything. In fact this part of your comment is completely bizarre and shows you understand little about aviation.

    10. Anonymous08:52

      My friend I work for ASL so I know what I'm talking about.
      JU started growing when Dane got fired and Naysmith kick-started the expansion period. Marek was new back then.

      Of course his native market is important. He should know what matjet dynamics are like over there and what is the best and cheapest way for JU to do well there. He started his career in OK which further proves my point.
      He also worked for MA so let's see how BUD does, another market he should know a lot about.

    11. Nemjee09:00

      Personally I agree with Anon 08.52. I think it should help that the CEO is Czech and if anyone know what market dynamics are like over there then it's him.
      Also, let's not forget that BEG-PRG was one of the first routes Air Serbia increased. If I remember correctly it was in summer 2014 when it went from 7 to 10 weekly.

      We have to see what their summer schedule to PRG will look like and I really hope they increase it to at least 10 weekly. I think it's a market that can easily sustain double daily flights in summer especially since they are returning to BUD with as many as 17 weekly flights. At least in Prague they have a stronger brand awareness, it's a wealthier market and OK is a joke. I think they should have rather focused on consolidating their position in Prague before going wild in Budapest.

    12. Anonymous13:58

      JU started growing when Dane got fired...

      Wow another try to falsify history? Belgrade airport had a massive increase in number of passengers from 2013 to 2014, over 1.2 million added. Most of that growth came from Dane and his Air Serbia expansion.

    13. Nemjee15:45

      Actually, if we are to be precise, the growth that took place in 2013-2014 wasn't initiated by Dane nor was it his idea.
      He was brought in to run the airline whose network and its growth was previously agreed upon by the Serbian government and Etihad. Initial network, fleet and so on was arranged by people in AUH.
      Dane's job was to execute it and to make sure what was being set up slowly turned out to be an efficient and profitable operation. We all know in what direction the airline went and how fast they started cutting routes and frequencies due to a poor financial performance. Ageing fleet was another issue and we can see today that it took them a decade to replace the ATR fleet, something Dane was talking about when he took over. Transition from the 733s to A319s also didn't go as smoothly as it was initially expected. I remember well, they were bragging how the last 733 flight was going to take place in May 2014. So what went wrong?

      In reality, initial growth was thanks to the government which wasn't ready to let JU go belly up so they were ready to foot the bill of their transformation. Dane was the CEO chosen to supervise all this and we can't really say he was successful.

    14. Anonymous16:08

      All of that to deflect from the fact JU started major growth as Dane took over as CEO? JU numbers are not open to negotiations:

      2013 1.4M
      2014 2.3M
      2015 2.5M
      2016 2.6M
      2017 2.6M
      2018 2.5M
      2019 2.8M

      Etihad did make a number of mistakes with dedicated business class, massive spending, goals of having double daily connectivity in the region etc but that's not the issue. Issue is with someone claiming "JU started growing when Dane got fired" when in fact largest growth and brand turnaround happened under Dane's leadership. JU gained 900k from 2013 to 2014, and 300k from 2018 to 2019.

    15. Anonymous16:30

      Then why was Dane fired so fast if he was so great?

    16. Anonymous17:21

      I have respect for people with various issues but gentle reminder we are talking about this disinformation: JU started growing when Dane got fired

  4. Anonymous16:41


  5. Anonymous20:05

    I hope its not "Chinese" food from wanbabe "Chinese" restaurants in Belgrade but the true stuff.

    1. Anonymous12:03

      Just hope as you anyway don't fly ever!

    2. It probably won't be. I haven't really had good Chinese here. There are 2 or 3 decent places with natives cooking but otherwise it is awful.

  6. Anonymous13:26

    Can’t wait to fly with Air Serbia! Best wishes!


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