Pristina Airport handles close to three million passengers


Pristina Airport welcomed almost three million travellers in 2022, marking its busiest year on record. It handled 2.994.550 passengers, representing an increase of 25% on the pre-pandemic 2019 and up 37% on 2021. The number of aircraft movements stood at 21.842. Switzerland and Germany remain the airport's busiest markets. 


  1. Anonymous13:43

    Bravo PRN!

    1. Anonymous23:02

      About Half of arrivals in skopje have their final destination PRN and About 1/4 of Tirana. If they all landed in Prishtina it would have been close to 4.8 million passengers

  2. Anonymous13:45

    Does anyone have any idea where GP Aviation is registered? Is this a kosovo registered airline?

    1. Anonymous13:50

      GP Aviation is registered in Switzerland.
      It is a Swiss brand.
      They are doing very well in Pristina.
      They have a company in Bulgaria where they register their planes, but it is not a Bulgarian airline.
      They also have A320 and B737-300 aircraft from Bulgaria Air.

    2. Anonymous14:11

      Trade Air, GP Aviation and recently the charter subdivision of Bulgaria Air - Bul Air were aggressively operating flights last month to various parts of Germany and Switzerland. Trade Air is also doing great in PRN.

    3. Anonymous14:22

      @13:50 Correct. GP stands for Ganesh Piga - sounds like an Indian name with Italian citizenship according to the official Bulgarian Registry Agency:

    4. Anonymous14:24

      Bul Air(Bulgaria Air)flies for GP Aviation. And yes Trade Air also operates big number of destinations.

    5. Anonymous14:27

      They have a Bulgarian AOC, but are a Swiss airline.
      GP Aviation Services is the main company (registered in Zurich).
      Anyway, the important thing is that they operate a good number of flights.

    6. Anonymous14:32

      True dat. Wherever they are from, they are making good business together with Trade Air.

    7. Anonymous14:36

      Swiss airline with Bulgarian AOC owned by an Indian with Italian nationality based in Kosovo. How lovely!

    8. Anonymous14:38


    9. Anonymous17:24


    10. Anonymous22:14

      True, Kosovo is a place of diversity :) GP is a joint venture of a guy from Swiss diaspora and mr Ganesh. I have really good experience while flying with them :)

  3. Anonymous13:51

    I think these are not the final figures.
    It was reported PRN had 2.964.845 PAX before the New Years end, on 29.12.2022.

    1. Correct. The final figure for 2022 is now confirmed as 2,994,560 passengers or over 37% up on 2021.

      Also, a total of 21,842 flights or over 21% up on 2021.

      These figures are above the most optimistic figures expected at the beginning of the year.

      Unsurprisingly, Switzerland is the busiest market out of PRN followed by Germany.

      This year could be very interesting with significant increase in operated flights by airlines. For example, easyJet has schedule up to four daily flights from GVA (on Tuesdays), Turkish returning with twice daily flights to IST, thrice weekly to SAW, while Pegasus already operates 9 weekly flights to SAW.

  4. Anonymous13:58

    +1 they also have big number of flights for Xmas and new year.

  5. Anonymous14:05

    How about SKP, did it reach 2mil?

    1. Anonymous14:17

      figures are not published yet but from my estimate it will be above 2,1 million

    2. Anonymous14:29

      Remember quite well the days when PRN, SKP and LJU were all very close in traffic especially the first 2. Things have apparently changed quite a lot for PRN. Also, it is said that visas for EU are set to be lifted for Kosovars as of 01.01.2024 according to the official EU website:
      PRN numbers are likely to increase quite a lot in 2024.

    3. Anonymous11:21

      sure things have changed a lot ... even more Kosovars emigrating to Switzerland

  6. Anonymous14:29

    Who is the leading airline in your opinion?
    My Wings (from Trade Air), GP Aviation or Eurowings?

    1. Anonymous14:51

      Hard to say. There are many players in PRN. Even Polish Enter Air operate flights and so are TK and PC and easyJet.


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