Air Serbia and Air Montenegro launch crew recruitment drive


Air Serbia and Air Montenegro are hiring new crew members. The Serbian carrier has launched its largest crew recruitment drive in five years with the application deadline set for February 24. On the other hand, Air Montenegro is seeking seasonal crew members, who would work with the carrier for six months. The application deadline has been set for February 22.

Commenting on the recruitment drive, Air Serbia’s General Manager for People and Performance, Milica Netković, said, “The upcoming expansion of Air Serbia’s network in the summer season created the possibility for hiring more young people, as well as experienced candidates, who wish to build their careers at one of the fastest-growing airlines in Europe. There is great demand for working at Air Serbia. Candidates for different positions reach out to us every day. With the expansion of our operations, a need to expand the cabin crew team arose. That team is very important to us because its members are in contact with passengers every day, and they represent the face of the company”.

Those interested in applying to become Air Serbia crew members can do so here, while those wanting to be part of Air Montenegro’s cabin crew team can apply here.


  1. Anonymous15:42

    What are the base salaries at both for joining crew?

  2. Anonymous01:00

    They need a lot of staff for new routes and planes

  3. Anonymous11:52

    How much do they pay?

  4. Anonymous19:02

    What about maintenance?


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