Air Serbia schedules Europe-wide network growth over summer

Air Serbia has scheduled notable frequency growth across its European network for the upcoming summer season, which begins on March 26. The carrier is set to increase its number of flights from Belgrade to Zagreb, Skopje, Tirana, Pula, Larnaca, Barcelona, Rome, Vienna, Prague, Bologna, Madrid and Dusseldorf, with additional tweaks to the schedule expected. A number of destinations will now have the same number of frequencies or exceed the number of flights which were operated during the pre-pandemic 2019 summer season. The frequency growth will complement the airline’s plans to inaugurate 22 new routes over the coming months.

The Serbian carrier has scheduled double daily operations from Belgrade to Zagreb, Skopje and Tirana during the 2023 summer season. All three will exceed their 2019 frequencies when flights were maintained eleven weekly, twelve weekly and nine weekly respectively. Operations to Prague will grow to eleven weekly, up from daily in 2019. Services to Larnaca will be doubled from daily to double daily. Air Serbia will more than double frequencies to Barcelona, from two weekly in 2019 and four weekly in 2022 to nine weekly rotations this coming summer. Services to Rome will be increased from daily to twelve weekly, while flights to Vienna will run a record eighteen times per week, up from fourteen. Passengers headed to Madrid will have an additional weekly flight at their disposal for a total of three weekly compared to both last year and 2019, while Dusseldorf will be increased to daily, up from five weekly in 2019.

The airline will also restore pre-pandemic frequencies on its seasonal operations to Pula, with a total of four weekly rotations. Services will resume a week earlier than initially planned, on June 8, and will end a week later than planned, on September 28. Flights to Bologna, which were inaugurated last summer with three weekly flights, are being increased to five weekly rotations. The airline is in the process of finalising its summer network with additional frequency increases expected. The carrier is also set to soon unveil its 22nd new destination for the year so far.

EX-YU Aviation News will publish detailed 2023 summer season network modifications for all of the national carriers from the former Yugoslavia in March, in the lead-up to the start of the summer season.


  1. Anonymous09:01

    Are they waiting for Slo government for Lju flights? It's getting annoying as all the good deals for transfers are being booked while Lju is still scheduled as 9x weekly

    1. Anonymous09:08

      The new government law has nothing to do with BEG (Air Serbia) as only new routes will be supported (related to EU state support limitations).

    2. Anonymous09:10

      LJU is scheduled 14 pw during summer.

    3. Anonymous09:45

      LJU deserves so much more.

    4. Anonymous12:46

      They deserve the A319 at least on Friday.

    5. Anonymous13:03

      Why does LJU deserve so much more compared to ZAG, TIA or SKP?

    6. Anonymous14:07

      Because it has rewarded JU with the best results compare to those you listed. LJU has been good to JU so now JU has to be good to LJU.

    7. Anonymous14:42


  2. Anonymous09:03

    Wow at Larnaca being double daily! And there are Wizz flights on top of that.

    1. Nemjee09:23

      Like I already wrote before, BEG's growth will eventually suffocate airports like TSR. These two markets will be even better connected once the motorway is built to Zrenjanin.
      BEG is no doubt attracting passengers from a much wider area and this includes western Romania and eastern Croatia.

    2. Anonymous15:10

      Wondering how many passengers JU gets from southern Hungary and eastern Bosnia.

    3. Anonymous01:05

      Air Serbia ignores BNX and has left BNX to another carriers. JU should have two daily flights BNX to BEG.

    4. Anonymous06:41

      Is there demand for 2x daily?

    5. Nemjee07:30

      Without a doubt. There are around 11 daily bus departures between the two cities. A bus has around 60 to 70 seats so the same as the ATR.
      A bus ride, especially the one that goes through Srpska takes forever. A plane ride is around 40 minutes and a one way ticket is around €30 which isn't bad.
      Mind you, BEG-BNX is constantly full even now in winter. They would do even better if they had more flights so that passengers could have more flexibility.

    6. Anonymous08:53


  3. Anonymous09:07

    So all the ex-Yu capitals they serve will except for Sarajevo now have at least 2 daily flights right?

    1. Anonymous09:15

      Yes. Sarajevo will probably be increased when it extends its work hours.

  4. Anonymous09:09

    Bologna must be performing well for them

    1. Anonymous15:13

      Is it a gasto market, or are Bolognese using BEG as a transfer airport?

    2. Anonymous15:16

      Transfers, there aren't that many Serbs in Italy.

    3. Anonymous15:54

      Nice, thanks.

  5. Anonymous09:15

    Fantastic news. Good to see

  6. Anonymous09:17

    Can we expect BEG to handle over 800 000 passengers in July/August with all these increases?

    1. Anonymous11:28

      Yes. I guess around 820k.

  7. Nemjee09:18

    LCA is indeed a star performer. BEG-LCA will have an impressive 18 weekly flights this summer. With so many flights, Belgrade has positioned itself as one of the main regional airports for travel to Cyprus. I think in the area between Athens and Vienna, Belgrade will have the most flights on offer outperforming SOF, OTP and BUD. I think BEG might have more flights than SKG.
    Quite impressive given that a decade ago we had a triangle flight usually arriving back to Belgrade in the middle of the night (JU070/071 BEG-LCA-TLV).

    Another interesting thing is that Lisbon has been silently upgraded. In the period 15.04-06.06 (didn't check after) all flights have been switched to A320 except one which operates on April 25th. Higher ASK will no doubt improve their performance on this long sector. Sales seem to be doing well, their flight on April 29th is almost sold out on the A320.

    1. Anonymous09:21

      That is fantastic news considering Lisbon sales started just a few days ago. Plus they compete against Wizz.

    2. Nemjee09:27

      An issue for JU is that LIS is a mess and is extremely overcrowded. If flights are selling so well it might be difficult for them to grow there.
      One solution, maybe for next summer, is to lease an A321 which would be used for LIS and some high density charter flights. Why operate 13 daily to AYT when you can 8 with a larger plane.

    3. Anonymous09:39

      A321 is a must for summer '24.

    4. Anonymous09:47

      Cyprus has quite a lot of demand for ages, Nemjee. Only LCA is connected to 4 Romanian airports year-round, 2 Bulgarian and 2 Hungarian airports. Paphos is receiving more Ryanair frequencies as well this year from those airports.

    5. Nemjee10:04

      I am talking about the total number of flights offered to LCA from these airports, that's where BEG has come out triumphant.
      As far as Paphos goes, for a vast majority of travelers that's not a convenient option and that is why there is such a huge difference in passenger numbers between LCA and PFO.

      So let's see what is being offered from these airports in June (PFO+LCA):

      SKG 25x
      VIE 22x
      BEG 18x
      BUD 13x
      SOF 12x
      OTP 11x

      As you can see, BEG has consolidated its position as one of the busiest airports when it comes to our region's links to Cyprus.
      Furthermore, this summer Air Serbia will have the exact same number of flights as Austrian Airlines which has never happened before. On top of that, LO has failed in LCA and Tarom has abandoned this market.
      Air Serbia has obviously beat both of these when it comes to transfer passengers.

    6. Anonymous10:16

      Just checked BEG-LIS r/t, late august, JU is 200+ € cheaper than Wizz.

    7. Anonymous10:19

      It would be great to have BEG-PFO flights, maybe local tour operators are not working enough together. After all it received more than 3 million in 2022.

    8. Nemjee10:26

      There is no need for Paphos from BEG. The market is very specific and most of the tourists heading there are from Finland and the UK.
      Also, reaching the rest of the island from there is a challenge with very few bus departures.

      LCA on the other hand is positioned quite conveniently while the rest of the island is covered really well by Kapnos shuttle service.
      Also, all Turkish Cypriots living in the north have CY passports and many, many of them fly from LCA instead from Tymvou/Ercan. For them as well as for people from Nicosia, Paphos is too far away.

      From my place in Nicosia to the airport (some 45 km away) you don't need more than 30 minutes. Paphos is at least 01.45.

      O&D from Cyprus that uses PFO is very price sensitive so yields might be an issue on this route. Mind you, even PFO-ATH tends to struggle, that says a lot.

    9. Anonymous10:44

      Nemjee, are there any talks at all to reopen Nicosia airport after 50 years?

    10. Nemjee10:49

      None. The airport itself is on the non-occupied territory but the approach would have to be made over the north.
      Furthermore, even if the conflict is resolved, Ercan would be used. It's currently being upgraded and modernized. It was a dump before, similar to the old LCA terminal.

    11. Anonymous13:29

      Nemjee thank you for all the great info about the Cyprus market!
      Much apreciated!

    12. Nemjee14:46

      You are welcome!

    13. Anonymous15:16


  8. Anonymous09:18

    Bravo Air Serbia 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸

  9. Anonymous09:22

    Good job. But a lot of those flights are not in the system jet, when they are planning to introduce them

    1. Nemjee09:25

      They are in the system, I checked for June. I suppose that is when most of them start.
      ZAG goes double daily from the second week of June from what I can see.

  10. Anonymous09:38

    BEG will be closer to 7.5 next summer with all these new flights.

  11. I wonder how tickets to Budapest are selling? Judging by the prices there are plenty tickets left.

    1. Anonymous09:44

      I think BUD will be reduced for sure, at least until June or July.

    2. Anonymous09:52

      Sadly, very few likes on the Budapest FB airport page compared to other posts. Beograd was promoted as a destination, but it seems ppl are waiting for the train instead:

      Still sceptic about the BUD route, hope I am wrong. Poland or even Bratislava may work better,

    3. Anonymous10:08


    4. Anonymous10:09

      BUD route will need 2-3 years to mature, same as ZAG.

    5. Anonymous10:12


      All of their posts have 30-40 likes.

      Belgrade picture is horrible though.

    6. There are rumors that BUD bookings are a disaster!

    7. Anonymous10:29

      Thing with BUD is that is becoming a quite P2P market. They pretty much secured traffic to many destinations. Actually the demise of Malév only brought them benefits ironically after the Russians failed to properly manage the airline.

    8. Anonymous10:33

      Problem with Budapest is also that people dont know airserbia flies there. I just told my business partners from belgrade they can fly to budapest and they asked me who is flying… when i told them its AS they were really surprised. They were usually driving all the time to budapest

    9. Anonymous10:54

      Nobody knows.

      The route needs time, marketing and to be marketed as a transfer destination.

      Not just Belgrade but Chicago, New York, Tianjin, Cairo etc.

    10. Anonymous11:04

      At least they've been trying to promote it, unlike

      Does someone else finds it unbelievable that to this day Instagram page of Belgrade airport is edited only in Serbian??! 🙄😵😖

    11. Anonymous11:11

      There are advertisements around Belgrade for the flights to BUD

    12. Anonymous12:47

      I saw them yesterday on the highway next toGenex. Probelm is that there are several destinations on the ad and the letters are to small to see it from the car.
      Cairo has its own bilboard and it writes nice and big. That one I saw in the other direction close to Sava Centar.

    13. Anonymous13:21

      Budapest also has its own billboard, saying "Plane - 1h, Bus - 6h, 49e from 13.3.".

    14. Nemjee13:30

      Anon 10.29

      Actually the Russians inherited a mess. MA was doing really well until B737NG started arriving. Air Serbia almost made the same mistake with the A320neo.
      For MA these were not needed as the 737 old gen. they had were more than adequate and weren't even that old.

      Switching to B736, B73W and B738 considerably increased their costs as the leases were extremely high. Back then the Hungarian market as well as most of their feeding destinations were poor and not as big as they are today. Lower yields coupled with increased expenses killed them.

      Do you know who was the CEO when the NG deal was secured? Mr Varadi, the current CEO of Wizz Air. Go figure...

    15. Anonymous15:55

      BUD should have started as daily, and then see what happens.

    16. Anonymous16:18

      Na dosta letova karte po najnižoj tarifi su rasprodate. Nije baš tako katastrofalno kako neki pišu. Do prvog leta ostalo je još mesec dana a kako je Merek u par navrata izjavio, to je period kada se karte najviše prodaju.

    17. Nemjee16:39

      I don't think BUD could have been daily because their overall network has very few destinations with several daily departures. This complicates overall connectivity. BUD will be fine in the end, JU just needs to wait out, burn some cash and all will be well in the end.

    18. Anonymous16:46


    19. Anonymous17:08

      The good thing is that Air Serbia finally has a CEO who doesn't cancel routes based on sales performance 3-4 months prior to route launch.

      #kondic #naysmith

    20. Anonymous19:22

      @anon 16:18
      Probao pre nekoliko dana random datum u martu za BUD i za odlazni let je bila "ostalo još 5 karata po toj ceni" poruka. Treba pustiti da linija krene, dati podršku maksimalnu i po potrebi prilagoditi frekvencije ili vremena. Biće to na kraju zadovoljavajuće u najmanju ruku. Uostalom sa ATR-om nema greške.

    21. Anonymous20:10

      Isto kao i Zagreb.

    22. Anonymous20:11

      Don't forget also they've put huge capacity on the market.

    23. JATBEGMEL01:52

      BUD simply needs the frequencies if it's going to succeed considering the distance. ZAG after all was launched at 14 pw with ticket sales launched 1 month in advanced during the winter season. If they managed with ZAG they'll definitely manage with BUD.

      JU seem to be targeting the O&D market on the route considering their latest ad. For that segment to be attractive 7 pw just won't cut it. Interestingly enough, the 3rd daily departures are during the work week suggesting they'll be targeting the business travel segment. In that case, I don't see the business travel market for example booking months in advance

    24. Anonymous07:23

      "If they managed with ZAG they'll definitely manage with BUD"
      Really think so?
      Despite the past Serbia and Croatia have more economic, touristic, and other ties than Serbia has with Hungary.
      Relations with Hungary are great, especially with the current two governments, but 17 or is it 18 weekly?? Not so sure. 2x daily should be enough.
      Anyway, bold move by Air Serbia

    25. Nemjee07:34

      The reason why they had to go with this schedule is because they did not do what they did, for example, with Prague. In PRG they targeted passengers heading to the Balkans so planning ahead was easy.
      In Budapest they tried to have connections to absolutely anything and everything, so that flights connect to every destination in their network, from Banja Luka to New York.
      Long term they will be fine, they just need to fight their way through the defenses put up by the well established carriers over there.

  12. Anonymous09:48

    so it would be 3 x daily to VIE with Airserbia. How many daily flights does OS have?
    Seems like a pretty good connection between BEG and VIE
    Reminds me somewhat of pre-pandemic VIE-FRA or VIE-ZRH, where there were between 10-15 daily filgths.

    1. Nemjee10:07

      BEG-VIE on JU will be triple daily on some days, total number of weekly flights is 18.
      Austrian Airlines plans on having 21 weekly flights with one of their daily rotations (night flight) being upgraded to A320.
      On some days, BEG-VIE will be as busy as BEG-IST or BEG-ZRH.

  13. Er Srbija sa svojim aktivnostima prevazilazi i optimisticke zelje. Sa uvecavanjem flote i destinacija ako nastavi ovim tempom, proslavu Prve stogodisnjice docekace sa letovima u preko sedamdeset gradova. Ocigledno da snazan tandem
    Er Srbije i btzo rastuceg obnovljenog Aerodroma Beograd ce prevazici predvidjanja. Upornosti i napori ljudi donose rezultate. I one iznad ocelkivanja. Bravo Er Srbijo! ✈🌐🛫

    1. Anonymous15:41

      A šta su bile vaša predviđanja?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Postovani Anon 15:44. Moja ocekivanja su bila skromnija. Zelja za uspeh Er Srbije uvek su veci od ocekivanja. Bila i bice.
      Sa Zeljom za vas uspeh, ostajte u dorom zdravlju.

  14. There is literally no empty seats on AS returning flights to BEG for this sunday and monday...All planes are top full. One seat left from LYS on monday morning, overbooked from BCN on monday night etc...Wizz still has some seats left from BCN on the same night, just 1 hour later departure...In AS are doing fantastic job...People have money and they are flying big time...I think after this summer its perfect time to open some more routes out of Europe, destinations that can attract people during autumn and winter months..Cairo is here, we are waiting for at least one more flight to Africa, Middle East is a must, and my advice is to organize at least one route south of China...Bangkok or Singapore....Caucasus would be still a mistake, in my opinion...I was flying to Coucasus once a month for the last year and a half, and there is just no enough interest, both ways...Azeri and Georgians travel more, but Azeri are interested only in Istanbul and Germany, and Georgians France and Germany...Our people don't have bigg interest in those destinations, within around 20 return flights ( so 40 times) to this region, I haven't seen more than 4-5 people from Balkans..And I took all possible flights - with Turkish, Lufthansa, LOT, Azal, even 5-6 times with Wizz from Budapest..No interest from Balkans to Caucasus, nor viceversa

    1. Anonymous12:31

      Still, Tbilisi doesn’t have many direct connections atm (Wizz operates only in Kutaisi, Ryanair never came back after COVID) and Belgrade could do well with transfers to Germany and especially Italy, which is a huge destination for Georgians and which JU is covering extensively in the next summer timetable.

    2. Anonymous12:47

      It is certainly strange that no Caucasian Airline has succeeded to form a mini-transfer hub in the region, not even AZAL with its deep-oil pockets.

      I guess it has to do with relatively weak O&D.

    3. Anonymous12:49

      Only the Azeris have succeeded in creating a cargo hub with Silk Way West airlines.

    4. Anonymous12:53

      Partially true. Silk Way is a big player but they are not transferring goods through GYD like FedEx does through Memphis or DHL does through BGY.
      They are flying cargo around the world and not necessarily via Azerbaijan. Very often they are used to export weapons from Serbia to the Africa and the Middle East.

    5. Anonymous15:44

      Thank you for the info.

    6. Anonymous15:47

      It is interesting that there is not any major cargo airline in the Balkan/Eastern Europe region apart from Russia.

      The closest ones that come to mind are Fly Pro in Moldova and TransAVIAexport in Belarus.

    7. Anonymous21:19

      Maybe they are doing great job maybe its just because there are no many airlines in Europe with flights to Russia.

    8. Anonymous23:59

      Air Serbia's number of flights to Russia are miserable comparing to flights of Turkish Airlines.

    9. Anonymous07:20


      Currently JU flies twice daily to Moscow while TK has 4-5 daily.

      Less, yes, miserable - not.

  15. Charlie15:51

    Other than not having any cargo aircraft, a big problem of course, what is stopping JU from launching a cargo flights? Is the demand there? Can BEG act as a transfer hub for cargo? Are there adequate cargo facilities at BEG to handle much more cargo?
    There was some talk recently of converting two old ATRs into cargo only airplanes.
    Curious to know the cargo potential of BEG.

    1. Anonymous16:47

      It seems neither the French or JU are paying any attention to the cargo question, which could facilitate, amongst other, the introduction of many scheduled lines (such as EK).

      In my opinion, after TK and QR next big partner for JU should be ET.

      They should try to become their passenger and cargo feeder in central Europe, eventually launching ADD or enticing ET to do it.

      Currently TK and ME3 (or 2) have less or more monopoly in the area.

    2. Nemjee16:48

      I think Marek made that statement. He seems to be making a lot of statements that are more his ideas rather than future development plans. Remember how he said that they might add an extra seat per row on the A330. I think that cargo comment was one of those, just an idea he put out there. I think JU sticking to Tianjin might be another one. I think they'll move to Beijing and get it over with.

      Cargo facilities at BEG are horrible. Not only are they small, they are outdated and are definitely not up to modern standards. A lot of investment would have to be made for cargo to start growing.
      Another challenge is the road infrastructure. Sure, we are getting more and more highways but for BEG to be the main entry point for regional cargo, you must first have a very goad road network. This is something we are only getting now. We have a highway to Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Greece but we still don't have it to Bosnia, Montenegro, Romania and Albania. Heck, we still don't have it to all the main cities in the country.
      Rail network will also play a major role in the future but first we must upgrade it as well.

      In my opinion, BEG can start becoming a regional cargo airport in about 10 years. Not before that.

    3. Charlie17:35

      10 years seems a long way off. Perhaps JU/BEG can start with building a new and modern cargo facility that can be expanded as cargo grows. I've been there years ago and it truly is something out of the 60s maybe 70s at best.
      Entice the big courier companies, ie. DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc. to locate their regional operations at BEG. I think LJU is now some sort of regional hub. There is good potential since BEG has a great location in the wider region.

    4. JATBEGMEL17:52

      @ Charlie

      Just as Nemjee perfectly mentioned, the cargo facilities are terrible at best. Driving past it gives you a decent idea of how outdated it is. BEG is going to need massive investments to bring up the cargo facilities to a decent state for any meaningful cargo transfer ops.

      As for JU cargo ops, it'll be interesting to see what happens in the end. ALN has been out of service for over 6 months and isn't in the greatest condition (YU-ANI seems to be in a better state). ALP is still in active service and doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Im guessing JU will use it as a back up aircraft this summer. If they do decide on converting an ATR for cargo ops, this one will most likely be the candidate. YU-ALU hasn't flown roughly 3 weeks and is out of the fleet. However, it's a leased aircraft so it'll most likely be at Jat Tehnika being prepared to be sent back to the lessor. Anyhow, an ATR or 2 shouldn't be a problem for JU cargo ops if they ever go down that path.

    5. Charlie20:29

      Thanks for the explanation guys. I agree that massive investments are needed to improve cargo facilities.
      Maybe in a few years.

  16. Anonymous18:32

    I’m a little bit skeptical about fleet expansion keeping up with their growth in routes and frequencies. They already didn’t have enough aircraft this summer and APB has spent a prolonged period on the tarmac. They would have needed an additional 1-2 A32X last summer, so the extra A320s arriving seem to merely be playing catch-up. It is almost March already so we would really want to see leases for 5-6 additional aircraft being finalized.

    1. Anonymous18:43

      They are probably going to get wet leases like last summer. Dan Air ended up staying the whole winter, they are still flying today

    2. Anonymous19:04

      Yes I agree but surely those wet leases are costing them money and aren’t sustainable. They just seem to have fallen a bit behind in this regard. Longer term solutions need to be found

    3. JATBEGMEL19:16

      Wet leases were confirmed to be in the fleet for this summer, number unclear. The amount of dry lease narrowbodies isn't clear just as yet, but YU-APS (A320) is almost ready for delivery while another A319 is expected to be joining the fleet. 2 more ATR's will be joining the fleet, YU-ALU is out, ALP is still in service, most likely to remain for the summer season as back up. YU-ARD (A330) will enter the fleet in June, YU-ARE will quickly follow, both will have special liveries.

      Applicants from the November recruitment process should be actively flying by now, January group in training, February recruits in initial preparation. 1 more recruitment drive is underway making it the 4th I believe in 4 months, so adequate staff should be available unlike last summer. The last one was just reported to be the largest recruitment drive in the last 5 years. Hopefully we will see a much better situation compared to last summer.

    4. Anonymous21:29

      I'm hoping that JU will be in a better situation as well but from what you have outlined the following appears to be the case:

      - A32X wise, the fleet will be where it should have been at last year. This is before we factor in that APB is out of service.

      - ATR fleet will be more or less okay by the sounds of things, same with the A332 fleet. Maybe we will see more of the A332 fleet on short-haul sectors?

      The A32X situation is a little bit concerning considering the growth they have scheduled which is quite substantial. We're also praying that no aircraft go tech during S23. I think with wet leases included they'll manage by the skin of their teeth but there seems to be a very very thin margin for anything going wrong. They certainly should have at least 2-4 additional A32X entering the fleet on top of what you've outlined above. From what Marek was saying, that does seem to be the intention but it is already getting a little bit late in the day to not have the leases agreed in my opinion.

    5. JATBEGMEL01:42


      Regarding the A319/A320 fleet, I think they will be fine, tight as usual but they will manage to pull it off without major drama. They are so far 2 A320's up from last summer (APO & APS), 1 A319 most likely to follow make 3 additional dry leases compared to last summer. ARC is a regular on SVO and I expect that ARD will be a regular on other European flights when loads are full. If an aircraft can pull of 4 rotations in a day, they'll have capacity for around 84 weekly rotations just on dry leases alone.

      A fair few of the "increases" are coming from former charter routes converted to scheduled seasonal routes with little changes to frequencies. A couple of additional frequencies are coming into the midnight wave which always had room for growth.

      JU was extremely quick last summer to bring in Air Mediterranean B734 (SX-MAM) when they were struggling to maintain on time operations, which was a fantastic move. I don't see any major issues to be honest. JU has been super quick on that end to react. Dry leases on the other hand are longer term fleet additions
      and negotiations aren't the same as wet leases, perhaps why dry leases are taking longer to enter the fleet. The bigger issue as per the comments here seem to be having sufficient crew, but they have been full on preparing for the season and it be on track considering the amount of recruitment process so far and no doubt more will continue. More should definitely be done to boost morale, especially to those that worked overdrive to bring in the fantastic results management is only too happy to brag about.

      As for APB, it'll have to be back in the fleet at some point. It hasn't been removed from the JU fleet. There must of been something serious with the aircraft to have kept it grounded for so long. One comment here mentioned corrosion on a part if I'm not mistaken.

  17. Anonymous18:53

    Madrid increased to 3 x weekly was much needed !
    Although far from perfect it is an improvement .
    Before it was just pathetic .

    1. Anonymous20:22

      I hope for four flights in the high season.
      Twice a week would be not any better than charters.

    2. Anonymous22:12

      Madrid also got a better schedule and some new times.

  18. Anonymous19:40

    Raduje me što su uspeli u Zagrebu bez obzira na sve okolnosti. Sutra i prekosutra na 5 od 8 letova do ZAG cena karata je preko 200e što znači da su avioni puni.

  19. Anonymous22:13

    Amsterdam 10X +3
    Ankara 4X +4
    Atina 11X +3
    Bari 3X +3
    Barselona 9X +5
    Berlin 8X +2
    Beč 18X +4
    Bolonja 5X +2
    Budimpešta 17X +17
    Čikago 3X +3
    Diseldorf 7X +2
    Dubrovnik 5X +1
    Firenca 2X +2
    Geteborg 3X +3
    Hanja 3X +3
    Hamburg 3X +3
    Kazan 2X +2
    Keln 3X +3
    Iraklion 4X +4
    Izmir 2X +2
    Istanbul 21X +11
    Kairo 3X +3
    Katanija 2X +2
    Krakov 4X +4
    Krf 2X +2
    Kopenhagen 7X +2
    Larnaka 14X +8
    Lisabon 2X +2
    Malaga 2X +2
    Malta 3X +3
    Marselj 2X +2
    Milano 10X +3
    Moskva 13X +4
    Napulj 2X +2
    Ohrid 4X +4
    Palermo 2X +2
    Palma de Majorka 3X +1
    Pariz 14X +2
    Prag 11X +7
    Pula 4X +2
    Rodos 4X +4
    Rim 12X +5
    Skoplje 14X +4
    Solun 7X +2
    Soči 3X +1
    Stokholm 7X +2
    Tirana 14X +2
    Tivat 44X +7
    Tjenđin 1X +1
    Varna 4X +4
    Venecija 4x +1
    Zagreb 14X +3

    1. Anonymous01:59

      Something is not right here. Bari had flights last year, but you wrote +3. That’s if you are comparing 2022 vs 2023. If comparison is 2023 vs 2019, then Tirana is not okay since TIA had 9pw in 2019.

      Furthermore, SVO is 14pw, not 13pw.

    2. Anonymous11:09

      What about Trieste -3?

    3. Anonymous11:23

      Trieste is coming back, read the article from a few days ago. The CEO said it will be scheduled soon.

    4. Anonymous14:34

      Some of these season new routes were charters last year.

    5. Anonymous15:27

      What's going on with Podgorica, not on the list?

    6. Anonymous22:57

      Podgorica nema promena u odnodu na prošlo leto.

  20. What about flights from Kraljevo and Nis ?

  21. Anonymous16:41

    Cene su ubitacne, barem iz Londona.

  22. Anonymous19:56

    What the coowner is doing? Can we, at least, expact flynas in Belgrade this summer?


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