Amsterdam aims to gradually lift passenger cap


Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport hopes to gradually lift its limit on daily passenger numbers from March 26. The cap, introduced last year as a result of a chronic staff shortage which led to extra-long queues and unusually high numbers of passengers missing flights, had an impact on services from former Yugoslav markets. Last summer, Air Serbia was forced to reduce the number of passengers it could carry on its flights from Amsterdam, while Transavia has temporarily suspended its service from Amsterdam to Ljubljana. Prior to the suspension, select flights from the Slovenian capital operated to Rotterdam, rather than Amsterdam, due to the cap. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport assumes that from March 26 the daily passenger limit will be gradually reduced. Initially, there will still be restrictions at peak times, but these are expected to be lifted from May. The management of the largest airport in the Netherlands noted that it has made great efforts to employ new staff. A final decision on daily capacity levels will be made and communicated at a later date - in consultation with service providers.


  1. Anonymous13:49

    Klaus Svrab won't be happy...

    1. Anonymous16:04

      My thought exactly. Although I’m sure he’ll come up with another brilliant idea, no doubt about it. He has so many ideas, if you listen to him, but most don’t make any sense to a normal person.

    2. Anonymous19:21

      Unfortunately the reasonings of normal people are the last thing any politician wants to hear .

    3. Anonymous22:02

      The problem is he’s not a politician now is he? He hasn’t been elected yet seems to hold significant sway over the decisions of those who have been. Our elected officials are being guided by unelected ones so our needs are last on their minds.

    4. Anonymous00:05

      You only have to read about Ursula von der Leyen .
      That woman was actually never elected (!) .
      She still got the job because Mutti Merkel did promote her in exchange for Christine Lagarde to become director of the ECB .
      Macron the big spender needs access to the money printer and here we are-inflation soaring .

  2. Anonymous22:01

    We (in Netherlands) have been hearing this story since last year -- and they don't seem to get around to lifting the passenger limit... nor can they remedy staff shortages.
    Don't expect serious changes any time soon.

    1. Anonymous17:16

      What is going on in Holland????


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