Germany flights cancelled amid strike


The Verdi trade union is staging a warning strike today at airports in Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Dortmund, Hanover and Bremen, affecting almost all flights and airlines. Lufthansa has cancelled all of its services today, impacting operations to Belgrade, Zagreb, Ljubljana and Sarajevo. Air Serbia has been forced to cancel today’s services from Belgrade to Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Hanover. Croatia Airlines has cancelled flights from both Zagreb and Split to Frankfurt and Munich, as well as from Osijek to Munich. Wizz Air has been forced to cancel its flight from Skopje to Bremen, while Eurowings will not be operating today’s service between Pristina and Nuremberg. Regular operations are expected to be back to normal on Saturday.


  1. Anonymous10:35

    Turning on LH filter on flightradar is an experience today :D

  2. Anonymous11:30

    Wow, LH is continuing to be a disaster (even though, this time around it's not their fault). Stay away if possible.

    1. Anonymous12:15

      yes, and fly with exquisite carriers like OU or JU instead

    2. Anonymous12:24

      Short haul service better on both than on LH.

    3. Anonymous12:34

      You choose your airline by exclusivity? Weird, snob like criteria. I rather fly with airlines that actually get me to my destination. On time preferably.
      Enjoy your complimentary bottle of water and chocolate. If you actually manage to get on board.

    4. Anonymous12:55

      @12:34 okay, you enjoy your baby bottle of water

    5. Anonymous13:28

      Sure will as I have a higher chance of actually getting on board of an aircraft by NOT flying with LH.

    6. Anonymous20:19

      But the strike affects LH, JU and OU in the very same way? Both JU and LH had optic cable issue at their base airports too...

    7. Anonymous23:15

      Lufthansa has been going down for a while. It's not just a temporary problem, they are on the long way down. Switch to other airlines.

  3. Anonymous19:20

    Apart from strikes, Lufthansa will be reducing flight capacity all summer as they are struggling to recruit enough staff.


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