PHOTOS: Niš Airport’s new terminal takes shape


The construction of Niš Constantine the Great Airport's new terminal building is advancing. The new 7.160-square-metre facility will boast ten check-in desks, self-check-in stations, eight passport control booths, four passenger gates and one VIP gate. Furthermore, it will feature one air bridge and a luggage sorting facility. New food and beverage outlets, as well as duty free shops, will also be added. The project, scheduled for completion by 2024, will increase the airport’s annual capacity to 1.5 million passengers and will enable it to simultaneously handle six aircraft. The development is valued at eleven million euros.


  1. Anonymous10:41

    Smart idea. Didn't the agreement with Vinci limit all other airports in Serbia to 1 million passengers?

    1. Anonymous14:25

      Ljubljana built a new terminal and could not get to 1M passengers. Tuzla has been doing everything they can to increase lowcoster traffic much longer than INI and could not get close to 1M. Some people think 1M passenger traffic is easy to reach.

    2. Anonymous15:48

      No. INI can't handle one million if it affects Belgrade. Given how well Belgrade does there is no reason to worry.

    3. Anonymous16:55

      I don`t see a reason why INI can reach one million in next 5 to 10 years.
      Nis has been growing in importance and connectivity, with new low-cost flights, new Air Serbia flights and better connections to the airport from other parts of Serbia (and close by markets) it can be possible. I am from Belgrade, but for the sake of my pocket I will be using INI twice until summer for sure (booked FR and JU flights).

      I am not sure that people from outside of Nis (especially people from Belgrade) know how easy it is to come to INI just by using public Transporation, and with flights from INI they can save a lot of money for not using BEG. Knowing that Serbia is a price sensitive, yet growing, market INI can do well. Plus, the transfer options via INI that JU started offering can help the passenger growth.
      AS offers cheapest options for flights LJU-IST, CGN-IST, HHN-IST and BEG to all the destinations it offers from INI.
      There is a lot of potential, so many changes that are in INI so why not? Why not even 1.5m passengers in about 10 years, it's not impossible.

    4. Nemjee17:32

      I think INI is currently going through a minor crisis but it will adjust itself to new realities. Down the road I can see them handling up to one million passengers as the economy keeps on improving and as more and more people can afford to travel. Just look at how successful the charter season was this year. We moved on from relying on INI-MNE to actually having highly successful flights to both IST and the Turkish coast. Will be interesting to see what the charter season will look like this year.

      Btw INI almost got Egypt flights last year. Let's see if they actually happen this year. Would be pretty cool.
      There is no need for INI to rush with growth. If they manage to grow 7% to 10% per year they should be fine.

    5. Anonymous19:50

      Moram na srpskom jer ne razumeju na primeru Ljubljane i Tuzle. Ovo ce razumeti: Napravite plan kojim ce Maribor, grad upola manji od Nisa, da ostvari pola miliona putnika - upola manje od onog sto mislite da Nis moze lako da ostvari. Ajde da vas vidim veliki znalci. Dok ne pokazete pravo znanje nema svrhe ponavljati pricu o ogranicenju Nisa na milion putnika.

    6. Anonymous21:23

      I am flying tomorrow from the new terminal, we Will board through the bridge

  2. Awesome!! Idemoo Nis!

  3. Miroslav iz Kolara10:59

    Bravo Nis. I can't wait to fly out of the new terminal next year.

  4. Anonymous12:00

    We forgot about INI new terminal beacuse of BEG expansion. So glad that this is happening!

  5. Anonymous12:26

    I flew from INI to LJU on 31st December, the airport is so small but so very good organised and everything was fast and smooth, plus it is awesome that there are city buses to the airport every 15 minutes and the ticket is just half an euro. Great job INI!

    1. Anonymous16:57

      Nis express is one of the biggest and best organized bus companies in Serbia, you can get to their bus station in less than 10 minutes by local bus and from there you can catch one of 22 daily buses to Belgrade or catch a bus to Skopje or Sofia and be there in 2 hours.
      Please just seem to overlook INI for some unknown reason.

    2. Nemjee17:37

      I think Nis just needs to promote itself a bit more.
      Last month I was in Vrnjacka Banja for work and on the way out there was a billboard with the following text: Зашто из Београда? Ближи је Ниш. Авионом из Ниша - Египат и Турска

      It was put there by Barcino Tours. Mind you this was in January so Barcino might be planning Egypt charters this year.

    3. Anonymous11:38


      True, lack of marketing for INI and AS in general is a huge limitation and something that can reduce the growth. Just this morning I saw an advertisement about BEG-BUD route on billboards which came in pretty late knowing that they are starting it in one month.
      Almost no advertisement for via BEG transfers in Nis at all, people simply don't know.
      The worst example is VIE-KVO route that was a disaster since many people simply did not know it existed, and it was not much pricier than a bus.
      I think that Air Serbia and airports in Serbia need to work more on marketing.

  6. Anonymous13:10

    Does anyone know how the interior will look like and if there are available pictures online to see it ?
    Thank you :)

  7. Anonymous13:36

    I hope with this expansion that INI will be able to handle all emergency landings from BEG. Meaning that INI will become the true alternate airport for BEG.

    1. Anonymous18:32

      That would be great for both passengers and for airlines. Having your alternate airport in the same country.

  8. Anonymous13:48

    Let’s hope that Wizz and Ryanair will add back some of the cancelled flights soon and some new ones too.

    Also it would be nice to see some new charter flights in addition to the existing one to Antalya - maybe Egypt or Cyprus could work?

    1. Anonymous14:27

      I hope too. I wish many routes will be added and the suspended one being rescheduled, we are missing BER which used to be served by Ryanair previously.
      Thus, CDG or ORY would be a nice addition considering the huge Serbian diaspora.
      Lufthansa would be also a nice addition too and they have a right-adapted aircraft for that which is the CRJ-900.

    2. Anonymous14:27

      + Paphos with Ryanair could work at least in summer

    3. Anonymous15:05

      I hope so.

    4. Nemjee17:44

      I highly doubt Paphos could work from INI. Yields would be trash on this relatively long sector especially with so many cheap flights from neighboring Sofia.
      By the way, you have a bus link to Paphos from LCA meanwhile reaching Nicosia, Agia Napa... from Paphos is not easy.

  9. Anonymous15:11

    This is prime time for the government to start modernizing the railway between Belgrade and Niš for an even better interconnection, INI has the potential to become a legitimate alternate airport for BEG during the foggy season in winter.

    1. Anonymous15:32

      A speed railway system will be built between Belgrade and Nis.The EU has issued a grant for this project.

    2. Anonymous16:25

      I know, it's why I wrote the comment in the first place. The project should've been started already, it can't come soon enough, and not just because of the airports.

    3. Nemjee17:47

      It was in the news that the proposal is heading to the national parliament for debate. However it won't be years before they complete it. I think it will take at least 8 or 9 years. They have to find a new location for the railway station as they don't plan on using the existing one which is in downtown.

    4. Anonymous12:04


      I think that the railway station in Nis will stay where it is, the plan was to remove the rail from the city center and there is also an idea to upgrade the former rail route in the city into a tram/light rail system. Bus station in Nis is also in a plan to be moved to another location, knowing that it is leaning on the walls of the fortress (although it's very functional clean and relatively modern it's just in a wrong place). There are many plans and ideas for Nis right now, EU already granted money for the semi-high-speed rail (up to 200km/h).
      If Nis gets high speed railway, light rail system and a new bus station combined with the current airport expansion, it will be a huge game changer and the city will have probably the most superior infrastructure in Serbia just after Belgrade. Nis deserves that.

  10. Anonymous15:14

    I can't wait to be finished

  11. Anonymous15:49

    idemooo niš 🤣


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