Air Montenegro to expand Poland charter operations


Air Montenegro will expand its operations in Poland in cooperation with the Polish tour operator Rego-Bis. The Montenegrin carrier will continue to maintain a one weekly regular charter service between Podgorica and Katowice, which was launched last year and will be restored on June 1, but will also introduce regular one weekly charter flights to Rzeszow from June 15. “We are very glad to develop our cooperation with Air Montenegro during the 2023 season. Holidays in Montenegro are getting more and more popular. As a result, we have decided to add Rzeszow to our network. I believe the strategic cooperation with Air Montenegro will further develop in the upcoming years”, the owner of Rego-Bis, Gabriela Manka Sokullu, said.


  1. Anonymous11:32

    They seem to be putting a big emphasis on charters.

  2. Anonymous14:11

    Montenegro keeps winning!


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