Belgrade Airport registers busiest February on record


Belgrade Airport saw its busiest February ever by handling 394.900 passengers, representing an increase of 90% on last year and up 10.7% on its previous best result set in 2020. During the first two months of the year, the airport welcomed 840.700 travellers through its doors, an improvement of 10.6% on the pre-pandemic start to 2020.


  1. Anonymous18:41

    Very nice. Seems stable and consistent. Way too early to tell, but comparing to 2019 and if they continue like this, they could get over 7,5 millions this year.

  2. Anonymous20:02

    So BEG has, as of March 14th, already passed one milion passengers in 2023! Congratulations!

  3. Anonymous20:18

    JU published their 500,000th passenger for 2023 on Facebook recently. So this shows that their market share is huge in BEG.

    1. Anonymous21:04

      JU flies from Nis and Kraljevo.

    2. Anonymous22:28

      JU might hit 3.5m this year from BEG.

    3. Anonymous07:23

      Their market share in February maybe jumped to 55%. In January it was I think around 47%. It varies from month to month.

    4. Anonymous08:47

      No it is not 55%, around 50% is market share, 200743 AS (all three airports) vs 394900 Belgrade airport.

  4. Slav.Man22:44

    Great news, I wonder what there is in Serbia that has fuelled the travel so far this year.

  5. Anonymous23:36

    Woow. If we exclude AS passengers from INI and KVO, they should be close do 50% market share at Belgrade.

  6. Anonymous02:03

    Not too bad

  7. Anonymous00:10

    Šest meseci nakon štrajka radnika beogradskog Aerodrom keteringa, poslodavac je otpočeo sa otpuštanjem radnika i angažovanjem stranih radnika na iste pozicije


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