Belgrade and Zagreb airports among East Europe's best


Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport and Zagreb Airport have been named among the top ten best in Eastern Europe at the 2023 Skytrax World Airport Awards held in Amsterdam. Belgrade Airport was placed eighth among Eastern Europe’s best airports, retaining its position from last year. It marks the seventh consecutive year it has positioned within the top ten. On the other hand, Zagreb was featured on the list for the third time, placing tenth, as was the case last year. Skopje Airport, which has ranked among the top ten between 2014 and 2019 failed to do so this time around. No other airport from the former Yugoslavia managed to enter the top ten of any category. Furthermore, no airport in the region was among the top 100 best airports in the world, with Singapore’s Changi Airport taking the title. The 2023 World Airport Awards were based on thirteen million customer nominations across 100 nationalities of air travellers, and included 550 airports worldwide.

World Airport Awards 2023 - Best airports in Eastern Europe

The World Airport Awards began in 1999, when Skytrax launched its first global airport customer satisfaction survey. They are regarded as a quality benchmark for the world airport industry, assessing customer service and facilities. The evaluation took place between August 2022 and February 2023. Categories include the world’s best airport, most improved airport, airport with the best staff, best security and best transit airport, to name a few. According to Skytrax, the survey and awards process is independent and guaranteed free of any airport influence or interference in the final results. It evaluates customer satisfaction across forty key performance indicators for airport service and product - from check-in, arrivals, transfers, shopping, security and immigration, through to departure at the gate. The World Airline Awards, also organised by Skytrax, will be held at the Paris Air Show on June 20. Last year, Air Serbia and Croatia Airlines featured among the ten best carriers in Eastern Europe, with the Serbian airline also among the best regional carriers in Europe, the most improved airlines in the world and among the top 100 best airlines in the world.

World Airport Awards 2023 - Best airports in the world


  1. Anonymous13:35

    Then some Analitičar told that ZAG is not in the Eastern Europe...

    1. Anonymous13:45

      The same AnaLitičar deletes comments when you write that Belgrade and Zagreb do not belong to the same airport categories. And then there are awards like this, where it is clearly written who belongs in which category.

    2. Anonymous14:33

      He is the worst!

    3. Anonymous16:50

      I'm sorry, Zagreb is not in Eastern Europe, and the fact that the "Skytrax World Airport Awards" classification says that it is will not change that fact. Neither geographically nor culturally.

      That being said, who cares? It is clear why the classification is set up as it is and with that in mind, good job Belgrade and Zagreb... I guess... Congrats Belgrade for the better placement.

    4. Anonymous16:52

      The principal partner appears to be Skytrax’s founder Edward Plaisted, whose background in aviation, or outside of aviation, is unknown. Skift has tried on more than one occasion to get insights from the Skytrax on its methodology, metrics, and business organization with no success. Questions answered by its press representative were later claimed to be off the record, and statements given for previous stories were asked to be retracted.

    5. Anonymous17:10

      Some weird nominations... CDG best airport in Europe for example.

    6. Anonymous22:14

      It makes more sense putting Croatia in Eastern Europe than Turkey in Europe at all.

    7. Anonymous11:43

      And Tallinn and Riga regards themselves as being in 'North Europe'. If somebody has placed where they rank in 'East Europe' no one really bother.

  2. Anonymous13:41

    Another proof that Zagreb and Belgrade belong to different categories of airports. Zagreb is an airport in the category of 2 to 5 million passengers and Belgrade 5 to 15 million passengers. Some analysts consistently place both of these cities in the same group.

  3. Anonymous13:45

    Neither country is in Eastern Europe!!! They are Central European countries. If anything Croatia and Slovenia are further West then most countries i.e. Greece, Austria, Scandinavian Countries, even Germany

    1. Anonymous10:01

      Sadly east is a political demarcation post ww2, not much geography logic's.

  4. Anonymous13:46

    These nominations make little sense to be honest. If we look at the East Europe listing Tbilisi and Batumi are figuring while Baku is not. Baku airport is years ahead of Batumi and also ahead of Tbilisi in terms of functionality, esthetics, design etc.

    1. Anonymous17:07

      Baku won first place in CIS.

  5. Anonymous13:48

    BUD new uplift and refurbs are really good. Very modern and simplistic. Airbridges are not the most important. The LCC terminal has a great feel. Only disadvantage is the arrivals area, which is really small and really bumpy road that takes you to the city.
    RIX is also quite modern and has good facilities. SOF T1 communist LCC Wizzair terminal is horrific compared to the much modern T2 with the metro connection that takes you to town in 25min for less than a euro. SOF is also considering a 3rd hotel by the airport.
    OTP also has improved a lot with its rail connection to the downtown area and internal infrastructure. Will be interesting to see how BBU following its refurbs develops having a better geographical position and Bucharest's second airport. Biggest surprise is how ZAG fell down to 10 after having such a modern and state of the art terminal.
    Very interesting to see how small Georgia is taking good care of its airports. Tbilisi is a great airport and especially the city.

  6. Anonymous15:06

    BEG makes no sense. The infrastructure is neglected and a mess, the staff is mostly unfriendly and inefficient. And last but not least: IT LEAKS THROUGH THE ROOF!

    1. Anonymous15:13

      ..under construction buddy,for your info btw

    2. Anonymous15:20

      "Infrastructure neglected" lol

    3. Anonymous15:29

      Anonymous15:06 you probably never seen 2 things in your life: sites
      2. belgrade airport

    4. Anonymous15:45

      @15:29 I have been flying from BEG every ten days for the past few years. And I have seen construction sites around the world (with the occasional airport). I stand by my words; the infrastructure is neglected and not proactively looked after. The current works are implemented with low-quality materials, for example, the new floor and carpets. Kudos for the new scanners though. Vinci's handling of the construction phase is ridiculous. Excusing a sh***y passenger experience that has passengers walking through mud and puddles of water with ongoing works doesn't cut it for me. But soon, it will all shine, the great Belgrade bucket challenge will be over and they will make it to first place next year...

  7. Anonymous16:52

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  8. Posle vise pokusaja da pisem na Trip Reports, nisam uspeo.
    Odnosi se na moj let sa Er Srbijom u prosli petak u 06:55.
    Na relaciji Beograd 🛫 Cirih. Zeleo sam da kratko opisem
    moj utisak sa ovog kratkog puta. Samim dolaskom na salter veom smo ljubazno i profesionalno bili primljeni supruga i ja. Posle prosledjivana malog prtljaga direktno do Sidneja, sto je bilo odrediste. Sluzbenica nam je urucila boarding pass za celu destinaciju do Sidneja.zazelela nam je srecan i miran let. U polasku rekao sam joj daje ovo simbolican Osamdeset Osmi let do Australije. U zadnjih pedeset tri godine od kako polecem sa Aerodroma Nikola Tesla Beograd. Veoma se iznenadila i prokomentarisala.
    "Boze pa vi ste profesionalac"...
    Dolaskom na gejt, prosao sam kroz pasosku kontrolu. Ljudi su veoma bili ljubazni i efikasni. O samom aerodromu i terminalu nebih ovoga puta. Ocigledno je ostalo vise meseci dogradnje. Kada sledeci put budem dolazio u Srbiju
    verujem da ce blistati u punom sjaju. Bar terminali.
    Na gejtu su pozvali putnike da spreme pasose sa boarding pass. Poziv ulaska je organizovan prema sekciji i broju sedista..Veoma efikasno i bezbedno. Za razliku za mnoge decenije koje svedocim putovanja i sa ovog aerodroma.
    Ocigledno, novi vetrovi stizu u pravom smislu i na ovaj buduci veliki Hub. Usli smo u kabinu. Stjuardesa je pomogla da se smestimo na sedista. Zakljucio sam da je posafda profesionalna. Usluzna. Let je bio na A319.
    Primetio sam citocu kabine. Na ovom kratkom letu posluzeni smo sa biskvitima i flasicom vode "iva".
    Po meni sasvim dovoljno za ovako kratki let. Naravno ko je hteo, mogao je da kupi hrane koja je bila na ponudi. Uz bescarinsku robu, bilo je izbora i mogucnosti.
    Po jutarnjem suncanom vremenu Erbasov A319 sa imenom "Goran Bregovic", blago je dotakao pistu. Tipicno sletanje pilota Er Srbije. Posle oko 1.200 mojih sletanja i uzleranja u svojstvu putnika, skromno mislim da pomalo razlikujem letove i ljude koji putuju.
    U nadi da ce Administrator ovog blpga ojaviti moj prvi Trip Reports.
    Najbolje zelje sa pozdravom iz North Ryde, Sydney.
    Rodney Marinkovic and Aviation Enthusiast Associate Group. 🛫🇷🇸✈🇦🇺🛫🌐✈

    1. Anonymous02:47

      Hvala Rodney! Zanimljivo da ste putovali preko Ciriha. Zasto ne iz Beograda odmah preko Dohe ili Dubaija?

    2. Charlie06:25

      Bravo Radovane, lepo ste opisali vaše putašestvije.
      Srećno daun ander.

    3. Hvala Vam gospodine Carli. Za ovih zadnjih 53 godine
      mnogo dobrote nadjoh u Novoj Domovini "down under". Uspevajuci istovremeno da budem prisutan 88 puta u Otacestvu svojih predaka. Srbiji proslosti i znacajnijoj buducnosti. Sto se tice pitanja Anona 02:47, rekao bih da sam leteo direktno, promasio bih Er Srbiju. Kompaniju koju su sa ostalim zapoceli moji Qantas - ovci Dane Kondic i Stevan Sipka. Na kraju, kao i na pocetku, mojih dosadasnjih 7.500 sati letenja i oko 1.200 sletanja i uzletanja, svedoce mi da je preko prece, a naokolo blize. Kako da kazem. Letovi su kao staro vino. Sto se vise i dalje leti lepsi i drazi osecaj je. Ne zaboravite crvena jaja za Vaskrs.
      Koji vam svima unapred cestitam.
      Srecni bili i mnogo leteli.
      Radovan, Sydney ✈♥️🛫🌐✈

  9. Anonymous00:56

    SOF is 4th? Hahaha that airport is a dump. Was transiting through it last year. They do not have transit capability! Had to clear immigration and customs in order to get to my onward flight. Plus the terminal is super basic. Wonder how much they paid for this ranking.

    1. Anonymous01:03

      You probably used the old T1, which indeed is quite basic used by Wizzair mainly. Either way, SOF is not a hub and transfers are usually domestic flights to the coast.

    2. Anonymous04:37

      I arrived on Turkish Airlines and departed on Air Serbia. Really hope that was the old terminal, and they have better.

  10. Anonymous10:06

    I am still laughing since I saw the name Batumi in the list, even ahead of BEG and ZAG :))


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