Finnair delays and reduces Zagreb operations


Finnair has pushed back the return of its seasonal Helsinki to Zagreb service with flights now scheduled to resume on April 27 instead of the initially planned April 9. Frequencies on the route have been decreased from three to two weekly, with operations to be maintained each Thursday and Sunday, with exception to the first and last two weeks when there will be one weekly rotation. Services will run until October 8 with a mix of Airbus A320-family and Embraer E190 aircraft. Further changes remain possible.


  1. Anonymous13:35

    Seems like we might see a repeat of last year

    1. Anonymous13:41

      But this time with Zagreb and not Ljubljana.

      They reduced Ljubljana at first and canceled it later

    2. Anonymous13:45

      Just checked one-way ticket prices, whilst most one way flights from Zagreb are mostly still selling for 99€ ljubljana flights are seemingly well booked, as the prices are ranging from 156€ (lowest) to 270€ (mondays are seemingly well booked, most are selling for 270€)

    3. Anonymous14:46

      LJU is also still at 4 weekly which means AY is extremely satisfied with the route's performance. I guess lower taxes are making them extra super duper happy.

    4. Anonymous15:12

      Lower taxes? Lower for what reason?

    5. Anonymous15:26

      Lower prices does not necessarily means that flights have good bookings. In my opinion AY chose different pricing strategy for LJU and ZAG due to different business environment (more competition in ZAG => lower prices).

    6. Anonymous16:11

      I think they went for LJU because it's a shorter route, lower costs and more importantly more O&D

    7. Anonymous17:23

      Or simply less demand ... since they have also less flights.

  2. Anonymous14:12

    Last year Finnair ended its new seasonal operations between Helsinki and Zagreb two months ahead of schedule. They stopped flying to ZAG on 31.7 and did not perform any operation in August or Septeber.

    Taking in consideration that they could not fill up the plane in August 2022 I really wonder what will happen with this year's flights in May and June.

  3. Anonymous18:11

    Finnair seems to have lost its love on Zagreb, they just can not cancel that route as other airlines would do ...

  4. Anonymous19:12

    Come to Sarajevo please.

  5. Finair je neozbiljniji od wizza

  6. Anonymous09:15

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  7. Anonymous08:40

    Ma šta Bravo. Ajde bezi


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