Ohrid Airport to get new terminal building


The construction of a new terminal building at Ohrid Airport is set to begin this year in coordination with operator TAV Macedonia according to the Macedonian Minister for Transport and Communications, Blagoj Bočvarski. “They [TAV Macedonia] are preparing the project. One of their obligations as part of the agreement concluded with the state is to build a new terminal building at Ohrid Airport, which will provide greater capacity and more opportunities for development”, Mr Bočvarski said. Last year, TAV Macedonia extended its twenty-year concession of Macedonia’s two international airports by two years, up until June 2032, as part of force majeure compensation resulting from the two years of operations which were severely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic - 2020 and 2021. Ohrid Airport’s existing terminal building last underwent a complete overhaul and expansion in 1995.


  1. Anonymous11:03

    Can't wait to see the planned project and the look!!

    1. Anonymous21:25

      We hope they make it for 1.5 milion capacity and ass 2 air bridges at least…runway is 2.55 km is good…we need direct flights with istanbul with turkish airlines 2 times a week…is good connection for new york

  2. Anonymous11:11

    Lol ok good news I guess

  3. Anonymous11:12

    Yes - OHD needs that new terminal building.

  4. Anonymous12:41

    Great. Now put a shuttle bus service

  5. Anonymous12:58


  6. Anonymous09:57

    That's great!!! Ohrid is very useful for us! Now the only thing is to implement a bus to the airport..... We have to find private transport to get to the airport. And a regular one. Not like that almost useless private shuttle in Skopje.


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