SAS to launch new Croatia service


SAS Scandinavian Airlines will commence a new seasonal service between Trondheim in Norway and Split. The new route will run once per week, each Saturday, from May 27 until October 14, with the Airbus A319 aircraft. This summer, SAS will maintain operations from Split to seven cities including Bergen, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Oslo, Stavanger, and Stockholm. The carrier is yet to schedule flights from Kristiansand in Norway, which it has operated in previous years. Further details for the new Trondheim - Split service can be found here.


  1. Anonymous10:39

    Crazy that airlines are still adding flights for summer and the season start in 10 days.

    1. Anonymous11:04

      because they dont care about season that much anymore. Marek said that in an interview

    2. Anonymous11:20

      2023 will be another strange year for aviation....would rather be pessimist first and not make any conclusions until summer.

    3. Anonymous06:30

      But it says that this route starts at the end of May, so why does it matter that the full scheduling season starts soon?

  2. Anonymous10:55

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  3. Anonymous11:30

    Everyone wants to visit beautiful Dalmatia.

  4. Anonymous12:08

    Split, amazing city. I wish JU did year-round flights there.


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