Slovenia extends Maribor Airport concession tender


The Slovenian government has extended a public call aimed at finding an interested concessionaire for Maribor Airport, Although the deadline was initially set for February 20, it has now been extended until March 25. The public call marks the second attempt by the Slovenian government to give Maribor Airport up for concession, with the first ending in lawsuits after the Chinese operator SHS Aviation unilaterally pulled out two years into its fifteen-year management agreement in 2019. SHS accused the government of failing to adopt a spatial plan for the area, preventing it from delivering on its ambitious infrastructure expansion plans, which were deemed unrealistic. However, the government is still yet to adopt a spatial plan. Since the Chinese operator pulled out of its concession agreement, the airport has been managed by the state-owned consulting and engineering company DRI. Maribor Airport, which has no scheduled flights, handled 291 passengers during the first two months of the year.


  1. Anonymous16:15

    They can't find anyone. That's why they are extending.

  2. Anonymous17:09

    they don't want to find anyone. many people are happy that
    airport Maribor is where it is. they will try anything that stay like it is.

    1. Anonymous18:43

      You heard this at the bar in Hoce or in some other random village?

  3. Anonymous20:45

    The real problem of MBX is closeness to GRZ, ZAG and also LJU. Around 1 hour driving and you are on one of three international airports. If much larger LJU is already struggling to expand connections, MBX will have even bigger problems.

  4. Anonymous10:29

    This is what happens when there is a complete lack of vision from the relevant stakeholders, locally and nationally.


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