Wizz Air to discontinue one Banja Luka route


Low cost carrier Wizz Air will discontinue flights between Malmo and Banja Luka next month. The airline will operate its final service between the two cities on April 29. Ticket sales have been discontinued thereafter. Malmo was one of the first destinations launched by Wizz Air in Banja Luka back in 2021. Following its cancellation, the budget airline will serve four destinations from Bosnia and Herzegovina’s second largest city. They include Basel, Dortmund, Hamburg and Stockholm Skavsta.


  1. Anonymous10:46

    The reason is bad performance of the same route from TZL.

  2. Anonymous11:17

    Economic crisis is hitting hard the gasterbajter community.
    On top of that era of cheap flights is officially over.

    1. Anonymous11:35

      Perhaps you care to explain why flights out of Zagreb are booming, Ryan air is operating 23 destinations out of Zagreb and expanding this year to 25 or 30.

    2. Anonymous11:45

      There are several reasons:

      1. LJU is weak
      2. BNX was underserved for a long time
      3. FR is getting subsidies and discounts
      4. OU is not fighting back and is leaving them the market
      5. OSI is dead so Slavonija is partly using ZAG
      6. ZAG is a wealthy city with some demand
      7. A lot of Croats are price sensitive so FR suits them

    3. Anonymous12:04

      LWC hopefully won't end. Zagreb once an airport with expensive flights now has become an airport where you can fly even for less than 10_

    4. Anonymous12:29

      Anon 11:35
      ZAG is a lot less dependent on gastarbeiter traffic than BNX is.

    5. Anonymous12:46

      @Anon 11:35

      What are those 25-30 destinations?

    6. Anonymous14:24

      FR destinations for this summer season from Franjo Tuđman airport:

      Year round: Basel/Mulhouse, Beauvais, Bergamo, Charleroi, Dublin, Eindhoven, Gothenburg, Hahn, Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden, London–Stansted, Málaga, Malta, Manchester, Memmingen, Naples, Paphos, Podgorica, Rome–Fiumicino, Sandefjord, Sofia, Weeze

      Seasonal: Bratislava, Brindisi, Corfu, Kos (begins 2 June 2023),[30] Malmö, Thessaloniki

    7. Anonymous21:57

      "6. ZAG is a wealthy city with some demand
      7. A lot of Croats are price sensitive so FR suits them"

      Gotta love this cognitive dissonance.

    8. Anonymous22:10

      Croats like to pretend they are poor, yet are all driving posh cars and wear designer clothes. In the UK I can't afford designer clothes or a posh VW Golf or BMW and yet Croats think English are rich!

  3. Anonymous11:33

    their HAM route is also questionable LF'wise

  4. Anonymous12:28

    Bad news for Republika Srpska but good news for ASL.

    1. Anonymous12:53

      Probably even better news for ZAG, cause a big part of the pax will switch to Zagreb - Malmö ryanair. And another part may perhaps switch to OU ZAG - CPH.

    2. Anonymous15:42

      JU barely flies to BNX

  5. Miroslav NY13:15

    The era of cheap flights is definitely not over. Ryanair still offers dirt cheap flights.

    1. It was Michael O'Leary who recently said the era of cheap flights is over.


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