Air Serbia continues record passenger run


Air Serbia recorded its busiest March since beginning operations under its current name with the airline handling 235.000 passengers during the month, representing an increase of 68.3% on the pre-pandemic 2019. The airline performed a total of 2.795 flights, up 43% on four years ago. The busiest Air Serbia destinations in Western Europe were Zurich, Paris, Vienna, and Berlin, while Podgorica, Tivat, Athens and Istanbul saw the highest demand in the wider region. Commenting on the results, Air Serbia’s General Manager for Commercial and Strategy, Boško Rupić, said, “The recently concluded winter season was very successful for us. We achieved exceptional results in January and February, both in terms of the number of passengers carried and the number of operated flights. This trend continued in March, which is the ninth consecutive record-breaking month for our company. We introduced the summer flight schedule and prepared a series of new destinations that we did not fly to in 2022. A large number of scheduled destinations will feature increased weekly frequencies, and we will launch seasonal flights as well. The busiest part of the year is ahead of us, and we believe that the results in the coming months will be even better”.


  1. Anonymous11:03

    No seems that we are used to good news :)

  2. Anonymous11:15

    Start of S23 is not promising when it comes to their punctuality and fleet availability to support announced spread of network and frequencies...

    1. Anonymous11:20

      It is rather a complete disaster and fiasco day after day (and of course the vast majority of cheerleaders will blame the weather yesterday).

    2. Anonymous11:31

      Just look at their today`s departures:
      They failed at every single flight in morning wave.
      LJU failed 2:21, whilst smallest delay was 28 mins only.
      And btw, weather in Belgrade is quite fine this very morning...

    3. Anonymous14:04

      Dusseldorf was only 14 minutes delayed, if that can even be considered a delay, so please stop spreading misinformation.

    4. Anonymous14:09

      Take a look:

      DUS and Istanbul on time (within 15mins). That is it for the whole day so far..

    5. Slav.Man14:40

      You guys are right about the poor service and delays,
      instead of pushing for growth Air Serbia needs to be more serious and take better care of their customers, to provide reliable and good quality service. The flight to London on 3rd April was delayed by 30 minutes and Pilot reported to passengers it was because they didn't have a plane available. This is extremely poor organisation and service provided. If Air Serbia continue to behave like this they will have same reputation as Wizz air, Ryan Air and Easy Jet, while still claiming to be a legacy carrier.

    6. Anonymous18:08

      If the aircraft departed with a 30min delay to London, how many minutes you arrived later then scheduled??? Maybe 10min???

    7. Anonymous18:11

      If they gonna be profitable like those you mentioned, let them fly with many delays. Bad reputation that can't be seen in books is not bad reputation.

    8. Anonymous19:26

      03.04 JU380 landed 5min ahead of scheduled time of arrival in LHR!
      Stop complaining for 30min later departure!!!

    9. Anonymous22:26

      Why to stop complaining for 30 min later departure? That's not normal. Or it is with JU? Cause that BEG timetable doesn't say it's normal with other legacies. Let us all say loud: 30min later departure is not normal and it is OK to complain about it.

    10. Anonymous23:04

      Are you happy now? Stress free?

    11. Anonymous00:09

      It is normal I fly weekly between Germany Switzerland and Austria there is often a delay and when it comes to flights to LHR they a very often strarting departure later due to traffic slots and landing slots etc …

    12. Slav.man09:10

      JU was late because plane wasn't available this wasnt situation where airport can be blamed. Passangers were lucky the pilot made up the time by flying faster.
      Air serbia doesn't have the luxury of low cost carriers who are so cheap people will still fly with then despite poor service and delays, also their profitable due to all the subsidies they get. Other legacy carriers provide much better service or are so big, well connected and supported by massive partnerships that being late won't effect the outcome. Air serbia doesn't have etihad anymore for support and their service isn't good enough to keep loyalty.
      Air serbia cannot get away with the same problems as other airlines they have support. Air serbia needs to do better. We need to stop thinking bare minimum will be okay.

    13. Anonymous09:20

      "pilot made up the time by flying faster." do you even read the nonsense you write?

    14. Anonymous01:04

      Do you not know that planes have a top flight speed and have cruising speed? did you think all planes fly at top speed all the time?

  3. All indications shows that comercial aviation and raising airoports. Including project of enlargment Airport Morava Kraljevo. In passengers and new cargo facility's. New era in Civil aviation is on raising. Irresistible good move.
    In regards of all recuperation... ✈🌐🛫🇷🇸😀✈
    Rodney Marinkovic and Aviation Enthusiast Associate Group. ✈

    1. Anonymous11:37

      Dear Rodney, please pay attention to what will be financed within mentioned enlargement.
      Yes, the runway would not be touched, leaving KVO to ATRs only (Dashes are in phase out mode in region).
      So, parking (!!!) and cargo facilities will be improved. But, what cargo we should bear in mind there, with ATRs only?

  4. Anonymous12:16

    Da rekordan broj putnika.... i rekordna kasnjenja ovih dana.
    Van saobracaja su YU- APA,APE,APH,APO,ALW i ARC. Kasnjenja traju bar nedelju dana i ne mogu se opravdati jucerasnjim losim vremenom.
    Odeljenje za planiranje flote i linija jednostavno ne radi svoj posao.
    Air Serbia ne moze da izgura saobracaj pocetkom aprila... a sta ce biti u julu i avgustu??

    1. Anonymous13:52

      Pogledaj kašnjenja na Evropskim Aerodromima . Za ovako nevreme kao šta se desilo pre 2 dana u mnogim zemljama bi zatvorili aerodrom. Pogledaj samu statistiku Američki I Kanadskih aerodroma ( takozvanih G7 zemalja) bili su zatvoreni gotovo kad god je padalo više od 15cm snega a prosek kašnjenja je 128 minuta. JU u ovakvim uslovima ima sve pohvale od mene. Sano napred.

    2. Anonymous14:06

      YU-APO is returning today.

    3. Anonymous14:23

      @Anon 13:52
      Kakvi su danas uslovi?

    4. Anonymous15:19

      @13:52 either you are a bot or you are not serious. How can you tolerate that even in good weather conditions they are showing constant delays +/- 30 min up to a couple of hours. Then the famous 15-18 cm of snow causes almost a total collapse. Be real, check out Wizz / KL / Swiss flights yesterday they were delayed too but not even close to JU. That telling you something??? What is missing is called ORGANIZATION AND PLANNING and not "lako cemo"

    5. Anonymous16:01

      To se zove hab ili čvorište i nevreme na matičnom aerodromu gde kašnjenje jednog leta automacki znači i kašnjenje sledećeg zbog transfernih putnika. Poređenje JU i WIZZ koji prevozi P2P putnike je nepoznavanje materije.

    6. Anonymous17:38

      A posto vi dobro poznajete materiju kako objasnjavate da ovaj haos traje maltene od pocetka letnjeg reda letenja a sneg bio samo juce. Ujedno stvarno veliki hub!

    7. JATBEGMEL17:41


      No need to over exaggerate. JU's delays were all in line with all other carriers operating out of BEG that day. What is missing with other foreign carriers is that JU has it's hub in BEG where any delays in the morning results in a knock on effect the entire day. JU flights also wait for transit pax from other delayed flights to a certain degree but at least pax make it to their final destination, which is most important.

      LH1411 FRA - delay 110 mins
      W6 DTM - delay 76 mins
      W6 EIN - delay 118 mins
      OS740 VIE - delay 131 mins

      Just a couple of examples from the morning wave. FZ midday flight arrived on time and departed almost an hour late.

      It's more than evident that this is more to do with BEG ops than JU. JU isn't perfect but it isn't exactly anarchy as it is made out to be.

    8. Anonymous17:51

      the point is why tolerate such delays in the morning departing from Beg? Some delay is understandable but 1-2 hrs indicates something is wrong. Someone should be held accountable.

    9. Anonymous18:20

      My thought exactly. How on the earth is "they have morning delays" explanation for...delays? Why they have morning delays? I get about yesterday (although conditions were much less dramatic than what I read in comments), but what about whole week of delays, including today? Where are the planes, the metal they plan to fly to 80 destinations?

    10. JATBEGMEL23:04

      Today most probably due to deicing. Pretty much everyone this morning was delayed not just JU. This evening seems to be a big improvement however.

      A fair few aircraft are out in maintenance and will be back soon. There was an article highlighting the fleet plan for this summer. YU-APS is soon to join the fleet, 2 more ATR's to join by August, another A319 as well for now which is what was revealed. Plus wet leases. Summer season should go without much drama. JU was extremely quick to bring in additional capacity (B734) last summer when it was evident that it was more than needed. We see every year the same comments and there isn't any major drama that is directly the result of JU not having enough equipment to operate it's rotations. Most major works at BEG should be completed by the summer season. Last summer wasn't that bad and overall was very successful. Not perfect but not as dramatic as it is made out to be.

    11. Anonymous07:38

      Anonymous12:16 Kasnjenja se gledaju po vremenu sletanja, a ne po vremenu poletanja.
      Evo do ovog momenta danas kasnjenje duze od 15 minuta pri dolasku je imaos amo let iz Moskve, barem do momenta u kom pisem ovaj komentar.
      Letovi kasne i to se desava, pri tome kasnjenja koja ima AS nisu ni blizu kriticna onima koja posotje kod drugih avio kompanija. Da li postoji prostora za poboljsanje? Naravno, ali brojke govore sve samo ne da imaju probleme.

    12. Anonymous08:46

      For you only: Punctuality of flights are measured from departure airport, whereas 15 minutes delay is assumed on-time.

    13. Anonymous03:05

      No it's not. There are many KPIs but airline OTP is gate arrival within 15min. Some also measure block time reliability. Air Serbia is fine.

  5. Anonymous09:11

    Well We were on a flight London to Istanbul with Turkish Airlines and only when were boarding the aircraft and in our seats the poilot informed us that Air Traffic control in Istanbul told us to delay our flight for 45 minutes the flight was at 0700 hrs


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