Air Serbia takes delivery of third A320


Air Serbia took delivery of its third Airbus A320 aircraft yesterday (pictured). As previously reported, the jet is registered YU-APS and is twelve years old. It has the capacity to seat 180 passengers, featuring an additional two rows compared to its other two A320s. Commenting on the aircraft’s arrival, Marijan Kocić, Air Serbia’s Chief Operations Officer, said, “With the arrival of the new Airbus A320 YU-APS, our company will have three planes of this type in its fleet. Continued modernisation of our fleet, management system, technical support, and crew training are the Serbian national airline’s strategic goals. In the past year, we expanded our fleet by adding eight new aircraft. Our turbojet fleet saw an addition of one A319 and A320, our regional fleet was rejuvenated with the addition of five ATR 72-600s, and as of December, our second A330-200 has taken flight, bearing the image of the famous Serbian scientist and inventor Mihajlo Pupin. This is the second addition to our fleet since the start of 2023 and we are very proud of it”.


  1. Anonymous10:31

    Bravo Air Serbia 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸

  2. Anonymous10:32

    Well Marijan should not be bragging these days. It's his department that is responsible for all these delays.
    Hope it is all resolved ASAP.

    GOOD luck with Catania tomorrow

  3. Anonymous10:32

    It has the capacity to seat 180 passengers; Still in Wizz config??

    1. Anonymous10:35

      Yes, without reduction of seat pitch supposedly

    2. Anonymous10:37

      How stupid is that...let's hope they use it mostly for charters

    3. Anonymous10:43

      It reminds me about of Transaero. They had all sorts of configurations as they were getting second hand planes from all over the world.

    4. Anonymous10:55

      Lol imagine businy a business class seat and you get seated on Wizzplane

    5. Anonymous10:57

      It's exactly like on most othet European airlines. Economy cabin with blocked middle seat.

    6. Nemjee11:03

      YU-APS is getting a new cabin installed in Belgrade.

    7. Anonymous11:43

      Are you sure, Nemjee? YU-APS is entering service on Sunday evening with CY180 configuration. That configuration stays for all other flight which are supposed to be with YU-APS.

    8. Nemjee11:45

      That's what I was told. Maybe they changed something given the circumstances and the fleet shortage.
      Personally I hope they leave the cabin as is so that it can fly ASAP.

    9. Anonymous12:00

      Personally, I would let the cabin outfitting for the winter, they need planes ASAP now.

      Looks like YU-APH is also coming back until the end of this week. That would be significant, because they really need aircraft now.

    10. Anonymous12:15

      Where is YU-APH?

    11. Nemjee12:16

      Sorry that was me at 12.00, forgot to sign it.
      YU-APH has been in Istanbul since March 9th. It's undergoing regular maintenance. Hopefully it comes back soon.

    12. Anonymous12:37

      YU-APH is in the system from monday. They need it ASAP.

    13. Jesus guys, it's been said enough times.
      The new aircraft has 180 Recaro Slim seats, designed to take up less space and provide passengers with more comfort.

      Now let's see if they do provide more comfort as they said.

    14. designed to take up less space and provide passengers with more comfort

      That does NOT go together

    15. Anonymous18:21

      @11.43 I am just not sure who is your source of information but I for sure know he/she is unreliable.

  4. Anonymous11:04

    Why is it without Sharklets?

    1. Anonymous11:05

      Why would it need to have sharklets?

    2. Anonymous11:07

      Since they have started adding newer camolettes to the fleet why not continue in that direction?

    3. Anonymous11:08

      ^ Do you even know what sharklets are and what they are used for?

    4. Anonymous11:37

      A number of companies are working in this direction..... Hi Sky, Fly One, Croatia Airlines, Bulgaria Air, even the charter companies Smartlynx, Avion Express are already focusing on A320Sharklets.
      Why we have to operate Kam Air, Mahan Air style and fly older planes….

    5. Anonymous11:45

      How is Croatia Airlines focusing on sharklets? Like Air Serbia it has one plane with sharklets and it is mostly grounded. Stop writing made up nonsense.

    6. Anonymous11:45

      Please do not compare Air Serbia with Bulgaria Air or Croatia Airlines. It really doesn't matter if JU is getting A320s with or without sharklets. They had probably got a very good deal for this one aircraft. Why would they say no to a good deal just because aircraft doesn't have sharklets?!

    7. Anonymous13:02

      Sharklets are a significant investment for the carrier. Since it is a leased aircraft it would have to be approved by the leasing company. And even if it was approved, JU would have to put the plane out of service for a period.. Which is the last thing they need now.

  5. Anonymous11:06

    JU buys 12 year old A320s….
    Why not consider the A320Neo, leases are not that expensive

    1. Anonymous11:07

      It didn't buy an A320. Maybe because you would be the first to bitch that they didn't make a profit by leasing more expensive planes that are not widely available on the leasing market.

    2. Anonymous12:11

      Will this aircraft be needing a D-chech soon that YU will pay for?

    3. Anonymous13:32

      Ahhhh ... the optimista is back ...

    4. Anonymous13:40

      That YU will pay for? YU is the IATA code for EuroAtlantic Airways Transportes Aéreos

  6. Anonymous11:11

    Many people laugh at me, but tragedy follows!
    We saw what happened with the A330's.
    JU needs to do a lot of thinking, this summer is going to be total chaos, canceled flights, delays, they need planes, at least 10 planes they will need on wet lease.

    1. Anonymous11:24

      Man, no one is laughing at you, but for God's sake, get a life.

    2. Anonymous11:40

      There are enough Romanian planes.

    3. Anonymous13:06

      Getting more wetleases at this time would be quite costly and getting dry leases would strech the crewing requirements even more.

      The only solution is trimming the network. Just because there is demand, doesn't mean you have to cripple yout operations at any cost.

    4. Anonymous13:06

      They just hired over 120 new crew members.

    5. Anonymous13:19

      That will not be enough personally. The long haul fligths will eat up most of those crews

    6. Anonymous13:23

      They obviously think it will be enough since they had 800 applicants for crew and they shortlisted 360 out of which they chose 123. I'm pretty sure they know better than you how many crew they need.

    7. Anonymous16:30

      Exactly, they hired 120 new crew members which position them for future growth and fleet expansion. Looks they know what are they doing and their plan is to keep this birds in the air as maximum as it possible.

  7. Anonymous11:41

    You should have achieved this even before the pandemic.
    The A320 is their future.
    The A319 is small.

    1. Anonymous11:44

      Also the destinations, our neighbors BUD, OTP have long had these destinations.
      But now we also have this.

    2. Anonymous13:36

      Have what?

  8. Anonymous14:27

    Very far from the truth.
    They said they would have 30 planes and they only have 20. So this summer let's prepare for delays and a lot of people not getting the service they paid for. Another summer with Lumiwings!

    1. Anonymous14:32

      You are actually talking a lot of nonsense. They currently have 20 planes. They have announced that another ATR arrives in May and another ATR in August. They said they would wet lease 4 aircraft this summer. Another A330 is arriving this summer and they said they are looking at a dry lease for an A319. That brings you to a total of 28 planes. They didn't say they would have 30 planes, they said 28 to 30. And no, they won't lease aircraft from Lumiwings.

    2. JATBEGMEL16:22

      Currently in the fleet:

      5 ATR72
      YU-ALW/X/Y/Z, YU-ASA
      + 2 dry leases confirmed.

      10 A319
      + 1 dry lease confirmed

      3 A320

      2 A330
      + 1 dry lease confirmed

      Dry leases this summer = 23

      Schedules seem to be more planned around 28 aircraft rather than 30, 29 personally I think would be the more optimal number. They did say between 28 and 30 aircraft will be in the fleet this summer. I don't think the 3rd A330 will arrive this summer as announced judging by the fact that they're waiting for approval for more flights and destinations into China, which was commented to be around the 4th quater of this year. Lets wait and see. The livery for sure is going to be amazing as we see with ARB and ARC, JU will definitely not disappoint in that aspect.

      I think 1 more A320 and 1 ATR as dry leases could of been made bringing the total to 4 and 8 respectively.

      Recruitment has been quite aggressive the past couple of months and I think it'll restart again in autumn in preparation for summer 2024. Staffing was reported to have been an issue last summer which shouldn't be an issue this summer. BEG and the construction I think will be the bigger problem in my opinion.

      Seasonality has had a nice reduction this past winter and I think that trend will continue. They are back into launching a couple of new routes in the winter months (KZN, AGP, TSN, MLA just this past season) and I wouldn't be surprised to see that continued. This would give all the more reason to have more aircraft in the fleet as dry leases rather than a large portion as wet leases now that the B733's are gone.

      All in all, JU is an exciting airline from our region to follow. It's not perfect but even the larger carriers with massive budgets aren't either (LH and 34.000 flights this summer comes to mind).

    3. Anonymous23:30

      Aggressive recruiting only for cabin crew, they fail in rest of the staff recruiting. Last week they transferred maintenance of 4 aircrafts to other maintenance provider in Beg because they don’t have enough stuff and more planes is coming.

  9. Anonymous14:37

    Well done JU! 👏 🇷🇸

  10. Anonymous17:08

    Why did they skip APP, APQ?

  11. Anonymous18:57

    Where has Air Montenegro obtained A320's?


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