Belgrade Airport registers busiest March on record


Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport handled a record 471.518 passengers in March, representing an increase of 26.7% on the pre-pandemic 2019. The number of aircraft movements grew 16% on four years ago. During the first quarter of the year, Belgrade Airport welcomed 1.313.449 travellers through its doors, up 26.9% on 2019. It added an additional 279.142 passengers compared to the pre-pandemic era. In a statement, VINCI said, “Belgrade Airport continues to benefit from the strong momentum of routes to Turkey (up by 84%) while developing links with other destinations, such as France, Germany and China. Supply has also increased here, for example by way of Wizz Air’s third aircraft stationed at Belgrade in April 2022, followed by a fourth in April 2023”.


  1. Anonymous18:38

    Over a quarter of a million passengers more compared to Q1 2019. Excellent result.

    1. Anonymous22:45

      It is good, but it could be better compared to January 2023, if 27% growth is projected on a year level around 7 100 000 passangers could be expected on BEG in 2023.

    2. Anonymous22:51

      Sofia had 1,579,346 passangers in Q1, we shall see could it be outperformed during summer.

    3. 27% more than 2019 is much more than 7.1 million in 2023. 2019. BEG had 6,1 million

    4. Anonymous12:25

      Compared to 2022 is around 7.1 million, yes it is more when you compare 2019, you are right.

  2. Anonymous19:02

    What a grow up!

    1. Anonymous18:19

      Shall we expect Beirut, Amman and Baku this year, 18 or more JU flights to CDG?

    2. Anonymous20:43


  3. Anonymous19:22

    Belgrade airport is growing by 27% compared to 2019 while second-best airport in the EX YU grew by only 15%. Almost doub;e the passengers and that's before major expansion by Air Serbia and Wizz in the coming weeks and months. Belgrade absolutely dominates in this region.

    1. Anonymous20:57

      Well Zagreb and Belgrade are not the same category of airports. Zagreb is in the airport category of 2-5 million passengers, while Belgrade is 5-15 million passengers. What is worrisome is that Zagreb got the base of the strongest LCC carrier with three planes, and the number of passengers is still not at a satisfactory level. Sarajevo, which lost its W6 base, has a similar growth percentage as Zagreb with a new base company.

    2. Anonymous21:58

      If passenger numbers continue this way throughout the year, it is possible Belgrade would hit 8 million passengers in 2023. That would make the gap largest ever over the second place airport.

    3. Anonymous01:47

      No way.

    4. Anonymous02:20

      Way. Current 27% growth over 2019 means 7.8 million passengers. When new planes/destinations for Air Serbia, Wizz and others are added, annual passenger numbers easily go over 8 million. Yes way!

    5. Nemjee07:57

      What is interesting is that JU's share fell to below 50% in March despite recording impressive growth. It means foreign carriers also performed quite well.

    6. Anonymous09:00

      JU could have performed better if it had the recources to meet demand.

    7. Anonymous09:14

      @Anon 09:00
      That is the biggest problem for JU, lack of man power, resources, criminally low salaries and working conditions, low morale among employees and poor fleet and financial planning.
      If they fix those things, growth will be more natural and sustainable.

    8. Anonymous10:10

      Tomorrow's LIS was downgraded from A320 to A319. Such a shame.

    9. Anonymous11:46

      @Anon 2:20

      I think that the 27% growth witnessed in the winter months is more an indicator of how well they've managed to reduce winter-induced seasonality. I'm skeptical that such growth will be maintained during the summer, which has always been strong in Belgrade. There will be double digit growth for sure, but maybe not quite 27%+

    10. Anonymous12:35

      Their share in Belgrade was between 40% and 50%.
      Others especially Wizz have helped in reducing seasonality.

      But on many situations JU was indeed Wizzier than Wizz.

    11. Anonymous16:18

      @Anon 11:46: I'm skeptical that such growth will be maintained during the summer

      Not only maintained but significantly increased.This will easily take it over 30% growth to over 8 million passengers. List does not include yet unnanounced but expected lines such as Beijing and Shanghai or charter traffic:

      Izmir - Belgrade April 13 - AnadoluJet
      Belgrade - Catania April 14 - Air Serbia
      Belgrade - Lisbon April 15 - Air Serbia
      Belgrade - Izmir April 15 - Air Serbia
      Belgrade - Hamburg May 15 - Air Serbia
      Belgrade - Cairo May 15 - Air Serbia
      Riga - Belgrade May 16 - airBaltic
      Belgrade - Chicago May 17 - Air Serbia
      Belgrade - Gothenburg May 18 - Air Serbia
      Belgrade - Cologne May 18 - Air Serbia
      Belgrade - Naples May 19 - Air Serbia
      Belgrade - Florence May 20 - Air Serbia
      Belgrade - Marseille May 20 - Air Serbia
      Belgrade - Heraklion May 31 - Air Serbia
      Belgrade - Krakow June 04 - Air Serbia
      Belgrade - Ohrid June 05 - Air Serbia
      Belgrade - Varna June 05 - Air Serbia
      Belgrade - Rhodes June 08 - Air Serbia
      Belgrade - Corfu June 09 - Air Serbia
      Belgrade - Chania June 11 - Air Serbia
      Belgrade - Palermo June 14 - Air Serbia
      Kuwait City - Belgrade June 16 - Jazeera Airways
      Belgrade - Berlin July 24 - Wizz Air
      Belgrade - Copenhagen July 24 - Wizz Air
      Belgrade - Lisbon July 25 - Wizz Air
      Belgrade - Zakynthos July 27 - Wizz Air
      Belgrade - Bergamo September 26 - Wizz Air

    12. Anonymous12:59

      Tamo gde prestaje more i počinje zemlja. Good luck Lisboa.

  4. Anonymous20:51

    Well done! Bravo!

  5. Nemjee21:12

    Impressive result, congrats!!

  6. Anonymous22:27

    Hey Exyuaviation Team. Could you also publish cargo?

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    2. Anonymous03:20

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  8. Anonymous09:49



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