Maribor Airport concession bidder revealed


The single bid submitted to the Slovenian government for the concession of Maribor Edvard Rusjan Airport came from the SiDRONE aviation school. According to the Ministry for Infrastructure, the company has met all the necessary conditions in the tender and the two sides are now negotiating a potential concession deal. SiDRONE says it is a newly founded company with roots in aviation, as all members of its team come from the industry. “Together, we have over sixty years of work experience and cover almost all areas of aviation. Our vision is the future of aviation in unmanned aircraft – drones”, SiDRONE says. Following negotiations between the Ministry and SiDRONE, the state will invite the company to submit a final offer for the airport’s concession. This is the second time the government has attempted to give Maribor Airport up for concession, with the first ending in lawsuits after the Chinese operator SHS Aviation unilaterally pulled out two years into its fifteen-year management agreement in 2019. Maribor Airport handled 480 passengers during the first quarter of the year.


  1. Anonymous10:35

    My hopes for this airport developing have completely faded. Not that I was expecting a miracle.

  2. Anonymous10:36

    Fantastic. Now there will be drones flying instead of aircraft. Isn't it better to just shut down the airport at this point?

  3. Anonymous12:29

    Company is based in Trbovlje, Opekarna 7a.. Not looking rich or well off. Let's make us a surprise.

  4. Anonymous15:16

    I almost fell off the chair laughing. I am sorry... This airport could have been a nice, small regional airport, what a shame.

  5. Anonymous15:27

    But, guys, if you think a bit out of the box this is probably the best possible solution. The flight school/ academy that would use the airfield is actually a good solution for the airport to survive and to build some ecosystem around it. By time they may start some business with private jets, air taxi, charters and one day maybe, maybe also commercial flights. Hoping for commercial trafic now is just impossible.
    Fingers crossed and good luck to the bidder!

    1. Anonymous16:15

      I agree. Some people are quite short-sighted.

  6. Anonymous14:21

    Shame on you. Slovenia. The success story.


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