Air Montenegro gets new CEO


The Montenegrin government has named Mark Anžur from Slovenia as the new Chief Executive Officer of Air Montenegro. Mr Anžur began his career in aviation in 2012 when he became the Chief Commercial officer at Adria Airways. Within eight months, Mr Anžur was named the CEO of the Slovenian flag carrier. He left the company following its privatisation in 2016 to become the CEO of Irish regional airline Stobart Air and later a Managing Director at parent company Stobart Air Holdings. In 2018, Mr Anžur became a partner at the Hamburg-based UNEX Management Consulting company, which works with airlines. Mr Anžur replaces Saša Radović who was dismissed after it was determined he was not allowed to work in a state-owned company for a certain period of time after taking a severance package from his previous state employer

Mark Anžur


  1. Anonymous10:35

    Mildly said, this is not considered as a good decision. It is more seen as a start of another bankruptcy.

  2. Anonymous10:39

    At least this may make some people feel better about Air Croatia's situation. It can always be worse.

  3. Anonymous11:24

    Adria and Stobart Air both went bankrupt!

  4. Anonymous11:40

    so, the end is near

  5. Anonymous11:53

    Nice, Air Serbia can count for new planes in fleet: Embraer 100seater both with crew.

  6. Anonymous12:17

    Montenegro keeps winning!

  7. Anonymous14:52

    We will see if he will be more successful compared to Daliborka Pejović. Although it was good to give her a second chance to manage the airline.

    1. Anonymous14:53

      Yeah it would be great. She is momentarily embroiled in a 300,000 EUR corruption case.

  8. Anonymous00:34

    This guy will put last nail into coffin! Mgx (in every shape) will be past soon!

  9. notLufthansa09:48

    This is like putting a fox in charge of hen, the end result can be predicted with precision.


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