Air Montenegro schedules new Sarajevo service


Montenegro’s flag carrier has scheduled flights between Podgorica and Sarajevo, last operated during the winter of 2017 and 2018. The seasonal one weekly service will be maintained each Monday, from June 16 until September 11, with the Embraer E195 aircraft. Further flight details can be found here. As previously reported, following the outbound service from Podgorica, Air Montenegro will operate a charter to Tirana and back, after which it will run its inbound service from Sarajevo to Podgorica. Tickets for the new route between the capitals of Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina can now be purchased through the airline’s website.


  1. Slav.Man10:35

    Well done to air Montenegro. Paying attention to important regional routes of ex-yu.

  2. Anonymous10:35

    It feels like it's just a way for them to at least get some money for ferry flight to and out of Sarajevo

  3. Anonymous11:04

    Profitability booster!

  4. Anonymous11:49

    Montenegro keeps winning!

  5. Anonymous13:12

    Bravo Montenegro!

  6. Anonymous13:47

    Fantastic news for both MNE and especially SJJ.


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