Air Serbia expands airBaltic cooperation


Air Serbia and airBaltic have expanded their codeshare cooperation after the latter launched seasonal operations between Riga and Belgrade on May 16. According to the “AeroRoutes” portal, Air Serbia has placed its designator code and flight numbers on airBaltic’s flights from Riga to Budapest, Dusseldorf, Tallin, Tampere and Vilnius. In return the Latvian carrier has begun codesharing on Air Serbia flights from Belgrade to Budapest, Tivat and Vienna. "Looking at our network destination map, you can easily come to a conclusion regarding opportunities in the Baltic states. Considering the size of the markets and how small they are, and keeping in mind the current Air Serbia fleet composition, we believe that it is still not the right moment to start serving those. Nevertheless, we see potential, especially as our codeshare partner airBaltic, has nonstop flights to Belgrade. We will be happy to jointly explore opportunities on this route and hopefully make it a success for both sides", Air Serbia's Head of Network Planning and Scheduling, Bojan Arandjelović, said recently. 


  1. Anonymous10:52

    Finally a good picture.

  2. JU520 BEGLAX10:56

    RIX-BUD and RIX-DUS for JU why?

    1. Anonymous11:01

      On days Air Baltic is not flying to Belgrade, they can send pax via BUD.

      As for Dusseldorf i don't know.

      Might be a similar case.

      In order to offer more flexibility and options to passengers.

    2. JU520 BEG12:08

      Who flies fm BEG via RIX to BUD and DUS? Look where RIX is located.

    3. Anonymous12:10

      That's clearly not what he meant

    4. Anonymous12:37

      @JU520 BEG12:08

      he meant BEG-DUS-RIX and BEG-BUD-RIX as possiblities in days when there are no direct BEG-RIX flights

    5. Anonymous12:40

      As somebody who often travel to Baltics I must say that any additional options are more than welcome.
      Current set of choices for Riga & Tallinn were quite limited & uncomfortable (in regards of departure & arrival times, layovers, etc.)

    6. Anonymous13:14

      Budapest is not really a transfer hub and it doesn't have a hub-airline, but due to it's compact size, transfer is BUD is very fast both for schengen-schengen and schengen-nonschengen pax.

    7. JU520 BEGLAX21:50

      BUD RIX would make sense from a geographical point, however u arr 0900h in BUD, connex on BT is at 1300 and 1430h. So not user friendly
      DUS from a geo point makes no sense and also not timewise. JU has flights arr around 0900h and 2000h, where BT departs DUS at 1905h

    8. Anonymous09:43

      Personally, I would rather go with 7.45h flight to Budapest & layover of 4h, than 6.15h flight with Lufthansa and layover of 2h. You also need to look at connection in opposite direction.
      Anyway, as said, options for Baltics are quite limited currently from Belgrade so any additional is an improvement.

  3. Anonymous13:21

    Can someone explain how profitable are direct flights between Belgrade and Riga?

    1. Anonymous13:25

      Nobody knows that. Those flights are operated by Air Baltic.

    2. Anonymous15:07


      Wasn't referring to any airlines but the destination itself in terms of passengers

    3. Anonymous20:30

      Which destination?

      Belgrade or Riga?


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