Belgrade handles over half a million passengers in April


Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport handled a record 579.094 passengers in April, representing an increase of 23.9% on the pre-pandemic 2019. The number of aircraft movements grew 14% on four years ago. During the first four months of the year, Belgrade Airport welcomed 1.892.545 travellers through its doors, up 26.0% on 2019. It added an additional 389.691 passengers compared to the pre-pandemic era.


  1. Anonymous18:20

    This is a really strong result. Well done.

    1. Nemjee18:33

      I compared their difference with Sofia and last month they managed to reduce the difference between the two.

      01. 71.025
      02. 99.124
      03. 95.749
      04. 34.741

    2. Anonymous20:26

      Thessaloniki also narrows the gap, stood at 1 717 612 passangers.

    3. Anonymous20:49

      It's more likely that SOF & SKG will always have more pax than BEG, because they are further away from western Europe than BEG is. Both of those countries are another driving day away.

    4. Anonymous21:06

      Comparison with 2nd place in Ex Yu: ZAG up 14.7% on 2019 or an additional 130.877 passengers. BEG up 26.0% or an additional 390.258. In first four months alone BEG increased the gap over ZAG by 259.381 passengers.

    5. Anonymous21:07

      Wow for each added Zagreb passenger, Belgrade adds three passengers.

    6. Anonymous22:31

      Belgrade has always been ahead of Zagreb .
      But even with being second it still is growth and thus success for Zagreb .

    7. Anonymous22:37

      How about comparing BEG & ZAG to the fastest rising airport in ex-yugo?

    8. Anonymous22:38

      Belgrade was less than 300k ahead of Zagreb 11-12 years ago, this year it will be probably 3.5 million ahead. Zagreb will likely lose second and possibly third place to PRN and SPU over the next couple of years. There is no success in falling so far behind.

    9. Anonymous22:42

      Anon 22:37 Belgrade is by far the fastest rising in terms of number of added pasengers compared to 2019.

      Now if Maribor gets one, just one weekly Ryan or Wizz line, it will grow by hundreds of pecent relative to 2019, but it's still tiny number of added passengers. Percentage growth doesn't tell the whole story.

    10. Anonymous22:43

      Its Belgrade first and Tirana close second .
      The race for third place is actually between Zagreb and Pristina ..

    11. Anonymous22:55


    12. Anonymous23:36

      Priština is rising very fast. It will never catch BEG but second place in the ex-yugo league is within reach.

    13. Anonymous23:46

      @ Anonymous22:43

      I don't know if you are unaware, but Albania was never part of the former Yugoslavia. Tirana is the capital of Albania.

    14. Anonymous23:52

      * aware

    15. Nemjee07:02

      Well neither was Sofia but it's fun to compare ourselves with similar airports in the wider area.
      As for Tirana, like I already wrote once before, I think the market is becoming saturated over there. Wizz Air is starting to shift capacity, they are terminating some routes (Dammam being the latest), reducing some others and in their place launching new routes and increasing capacity elsewhere. Era of unprecedented growth is over.

  2. Anonymous18:26

    Bravo BEG!!!

  3. Nemjee18:27

    Very, very good result for BEG. What I found very interesting is that JU's share is still below 50%.

    They carried 282.509 passengers meaning that their share stood at 48.7%. In reality it was lower than that because the above number includes passengers from KVO and INI. Goes to show how well the market is responding.
    May should be comfortably over 600.000.

    Yesterday we got flights by JU to HAM and CAI, today to RIX with BT and tomorrow ORD.

    1. Charlie19:50

      At this rate BEG will be well over 7.5 million passengers in 2023.
      And around 9 million in 2024.

    2. Anonymous19:57

      If BEG manages to keep 25% growth, then it will have 7,7 milion this year.

    3. Anonymous02:39

      BEG growth might be above 25% for this year, because JU's expanding so much this summer. Total number might approach 8 million.

      August possibly 950.000.

    4. Nemjee07:03

      With almost everyone boosting BEG this summer, I hope that in August we hit one million passengers.

  4. Anonymous12:13

    While it is impressive that Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport saw a significant increase in passenger traffic, this news is not entirely positive. The surge in passengers raises concerns about the airport's ability to manage such a large volume of people while maintaining the necessary safety measures and standards. The increase in air traffic could also have negative environmental impacts, including noise pollution and increased carbon emissions. Additionally, the rise in passenger numbers may be attributed to the relaxation of COVID-19 travel restrictions, which could lead to a potential increase in the spread of the virus.

    1. Anonymous13:45

      Your text is likely to be written entirely by AI.

    2. Anonymous15:46


    3. Anonymous21:12

      No one cares about Covid anymore. It’s a non issue for 99.99% of people.

    4. Anonymous16:34

      If covid and viruses were still primary factors in the world, we wouldn’t be calling it endemic now. No one wants to go back there and no one wants to remember that. Let’s look at the positives of this. Note on the environmental impact… Greta is up north. Please head that way…

  5. Anonymous20:20

    @anon 13.45 I had the same thought when I read it. Nice wording without any substance and listing first three things that come up as negative about air traffic. Covid argument completely irrelevant today. 100% AI

  6. Anonymous08:21

    Glad to see my hometime becoming regional hub. I hope if will atract healthy competition between airlines and provide us with more affordable air travel.


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