EX-YU airports and airlines to discuss new rotues


Airports and airlines from across the world and the former Yugoslavia will be attending the Routes Europe 2023 event, being held in the Polish city of Lodz next week from May 9 to May 11. The event enables stakeholders from the route development community to meet and negotiate new services. Airports from the former Yugoslavia that will be taking part include operators Airports of Montenegro (Podgorica and Tivat) and Airports of Serbia (Niš and Kraljevo), as well as Belgrade, Dubrovnik, Ljubljana, Ohrid, Osijek, Pula, Pristina, Skopje, Split, Zadar and Zagreb. So far, only Air Serbia has confirmed its attendance amongst carriers from the former Yugoslavia. The core of Routes Europe are the face-to-face meetings between travel industry stakeholders which take place throughout the duration of the event, allowing them to plan future operations.


  1. Anonymous13:37

    OU couldn't be bothered to attend?

    1. Anonymous14:51

      They’re too busy dealing with OMO, can’t be bothered with other airports

    2. Anonymous18:29


  2. Miroslav NY14:05

    OU has to get permission from Lufthansa first.

  3. Anonymous14:10

    Not a single airport from BiH represented?

  4. Anonymous14:48

    One more proof that the only serious company from ex Yu is Air Serbia.

    1. Anonymous21:47

      They are that serious they make out Qatar want to invest in them and it turns out to be a fantasy.

    2. Anonymous22:02

      How did Air Serbia make that out? Try reading the news. Serbian President said he proposed the idea to the Qatari Emir for Qatar Airways to invest in Air Serbia and that they would talk about it in the future. From that you deduced that Air Serbia made out that Qatar want to invest in them. It sounds more like you need to work on you comprehension skills or stop lying

    3. Anonymous23:01


  5. Anonymous14:50

    Fraport Slovenia is about to negotiate a whole lot of new routes all across the Europe and globe…I don’t even know why would Fraport attend that if you already know they only want Lufhansa

  6. Anonymous16:15

    May is a very bad month for leaving your home .
    This is what Jasmins fortune teller told him ..

  7. Routes Europe 23, konferencija sto ce se odrzati iduce sedmice u Poljskom gradu Lodzu sigurno ce povecati mogucnosti za povecanje broja frekfrenciju i linija. Ukljucujuci i sekundarne aerodrome Jugoistocne Evrope. Tu prvenstveno mislim na Ohrid, Kukes, Tivat, Nis i Kraljevo.
    Naravno i mnogo jos sa manjih aerodroma. Naravno da u ovom trenutku Kraljevacka Morava mora da se dogradi da bi se mogao odrzavati mlazni saobracaj. Sto je po pitanju prosirenja i dogradnje ovog aerodroma objavljeno saopstenje Ministarstva saobracaja Srbije, prosle sedmice.
    Ipak je veoma vazno da navedeni aerodromi participiraju na pomenutom godisnjem sastanku u Lodzu, Poljska.
    Komunicirajuci direktno sa svojom ponudom.
    Bez sumlje, mnogi aerodromi ce privuci povecanje saobracaja. Za razvoj je neophodan kontakt i neposredna komunikacija. Kao i ovoga puta sto ce biti...
    Rodney, West Ryde Sydney Australia. 😀✈🌐🛫


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