Hainan and Qatar Airways hiring in Belgrade


Hainan Airlines and Qatar Airways are hiring new local staff members to assist in their Belgrade operations. The Chinese carrier, which maintains services from Beijing to the Serbian capital, is seeking a Duty Manager at Belgrade Airport. The job involves managing ground service agents and overseeing various operations related to airline ground services. A full list of requirements can be found here. The job application deadline has been set for May 31. On the other hand, Qatar Airways, which maintains services from Doha to the Serbian capital, is in pursuit of a Belgrade-based Senior Account Manager. The role involves managing relationships with Qatar Airways' customers and trade partners, as well as developing a successful, consistent approach to local and multinational dealings, which drives maximum revenue and minimum cost of sale. Further details can be viewed here. The application deadline has been set for May 26.


  1. Anonymous13:32

    So now we know where the wind is blowing.
    Hainan is understandable, they are going to grow organically.
    QR however...

  2. Anonymous13:34

    How's their salary compared to the one JU offers?

  3. Anonymous14:28

    I guess QR wants to make sure local tour operators continue preferring it to other carriers for their long haul holiday options.

    1. Anonymous14:30

      Definitely. Almost all tours to Japan and Korea are via Doha.


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