Mostar Airport in talks with three LCCs


Mostar Airport has said it is in discussions with three low cost carriers, which could commence flights to the city in 2024. “We are negotiating with three budget airlines, although I cannot reveal their names at this point. In case of a successful conclusion of these talks we expect for them to launch flights next year. If we are unsuccessful, we will turn to expanding operations on markets that are currently served, like adding flights to Rome or new services to Italy. We are aiming to recover the Polish market, which is important to us and which we lost several months ago”, Mostar Airport’s General Manager, Marko Djuzel, said. Mostar Airport has seen its first scheduled flights this spring after several years, with Croatia Airlines commencing year-round operations from Zagreb, while Aeroitalia has launched seasonal operations from Forli, which will be complemented this Saturday with the launch of Lumiwings’ summer flights from Foggia.

Last month, the now former General Manager of Mostar Airport, Ivan Ljubić, said talks with Ryanair were entering their final phase. Last year, Mostar Airport signed an agreement with Wizz Air for the launch of flights during 2023. “We signed a contract with Wizz Air but flights to the agreed destinations have not been introduced yet as they [Wizz Air] have internal issues. We hope they will commence scheduled flights from Mostar in 2024”, the Head of Mostar Airport’s Commercial Department said recently.


  1. Anonymous10:38

    Mostar Airport makes the same comment every single year in order to justify their salaries.

  2. Anonymous11:26

    Your comment is just on POINT!

  3. Anonymous12:08

    Good for OMO, they definitely need much more reliable carriers and not Aeroitalia that is the champion of cancelled routes. The latest joke of an airline...

  4. Slav.Man13:27

    If its anyone that desperately needs a national airline its Bosnia, they have such potential for lots of travel.

    1. Anonymous14:08

      That is true. We really need a career to boost some routes for local population. This development is just in need of tourism and BH diaspora.


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