Two more airlines sign up for Sarajevo night flights


Two more carriers will operate night flights at Sarajevo Airport after the latter became operational 24 hours per day for the first time. As previously reported, Air Serbia will be the first airline to run services late in the night and early morning at Sarajevo Airport, with the addition of three more weekly flights to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital from June 12. Starting July 1, Oman’s Salam Air will restore its seasonal service to Sarajevo, with its two-weekly flights to touch down in at 01.40 in the morning, while its return service to Muscat will take off at 02.40. In addition, Jordan Aviation will be operating night-time charters between Sarajevo and Medina for the upcoming Hajj pilgrimage between June 12 and June 15.


  1. Anonymous14:11

    Could have been done years ago.

  2. Anonymous14:36

    I expect a big protests from the citizens of Ilidža, because planes fly only 100 m above houses and buildings. Noone likes beeing waken up by plane noise in 02:00 am.
    I think this night working hours will be short lived having in mind that Sarajevo isnt a slot restricted airport. There are plenty of daily slots available.

    1. Anonymous15:11

      Yeah yeah two planes during the night will make the citizens traumatised and tired...Nonsense

    2. Anonymous15:15

      This has nothing to do with slots.

      Of course that airlines can fly to SJJ during the morning / afternoon / evening hours, but it is not in their interest. They want to fly during night time due to many different reasons (evening/morning waves, planes availability...).

    3. Anonymous16:16

      the planes landing are bothersome, but prayer calls in the middle of the night are not? Yes, right

  3. Anonymous17:11

    Patiently awaiting that base that was supposed to be announced long ago LOL

  4. Anonymous17:21

    Living close to the airport my whole life… buses on the street make more noise

  5. Anonymous18:15

    Don't see this beautiful livery.

    1. Anonymous18:15

      In this night times


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