Wizz Air moves forward Belgrade expansion


Wizz Air is moving forward its planned summer expansion in Belgrade and the basing of its fourth aircraft at Nikola Tesla Airport. Flights from the Serbian capital to Zakynthos have been moved forward by a month and will commence on June 27 instead of August 1. In addition, services to Berlin and Copenhagen will now launch on July 17 instead of July 31 and to Lisbon on July 18 instead of August 1. Operations to Bergamo remain unchanged, with its inaugural scheduled for September 26. The airline previously told EX-YU Aviation News the new routes had been scheduled to launch later on in the summer due to existing aircraft delivery slots.


  1. Anonymous13:38

    Good to hear. Smart to move Zakynthos by a months otherwise they would have missed much of the summer traffic.

  2. Anonymous13:39

    Where will they find capacity for Zakyntos? It's starting so much earlier. What will they cut and reduce the make space until the 4th A321 arrives?

    1. Anonymous13:42

      They are not cutting or reducing anything.

    2. Nemjee13:57

      I might be wrong but I think BEG-MMX is being slightly reduced which makes sense since they are launching CPH which is right next door.

  3. Anonymous14:02

    4th aircraft will come just one week earlier. BCN, and Rome to daily also from july 17th. Cool news

  4. Anonymous14:49

    Poor JU.

    1. Anonymous15:01

      JU is getting two A321s. Perhaps poor Wizz?

    2. Nemjee15:16

      Competition breeds success. JU putting pressure on W6 has resulted in them finding the extra plane so as to move up these flights.
      W6 has also forced JU to be better and more competitive.

      If you want to pity anyone then it's OSI, TSR and TZL.

    3. Anonymous15:31

      Nemjee it was a message for Air Serbia haters who are unable to come up with anything smarter than "bad news for JU" and "poor JU". Your explanation is way too sophisticated for them.

    4. Anonymous15:59

      Careful what you wish for Nemjee

    5. Nemjee16:12

      Anon 15.31
      Unfortunately you are right.

      Anon 15.59
      Well competition has forced JU to expand and to meet the needs of their local clients. That's why destinations such as Lisbon, Malaga, Barcelona ... are so successful. Wizz and others forced JU out of the rut they were in. You can't shrink yourself into profitability.

    6. Anonymous12:16

      Nobody is poor, expanding network from BEG is good news, for everybody. Apart from the haters.

  5. Anonymous14:52

    Bad news for JU

    1. Anonymous15:05

      What news? Wizz starting JFK, ORD and TSN from BEG? Or TIV, SVO, CDG and LHR? Dream on.

    2. Anonymous15:57

      What do you want me to say? That their main competitor is basing an additional plane in BEG is fantastic news? Jesus, JU fanboys are one sensitive bunch

    3. Anonymous16:06

      its only bad news if Air Serbia does not respond well. they can use this opportunity. Wizz air helps to start their new routes and if they are successful then Air Serbia can compete on them even more on the routes, without wasting time and money themselves to see if theyre profitable. they learn how to be more efficient and take a share of the passanger numbers and grow the route.

      but since air serbia didnt do this with the wizz and ryan air routes out of NIS then it probably will be bad news for AS.

      If they dont do anything then its "bad news"

    4. Nemjee16:15

      Well, look at it like this:

      Wizz announces BEG-LIS months in advance.
      JU jumps in and launches it 4 months before their first flight.
      Wizz sees how smart JU was (fantastic loads) so they make sure they find a plane to launch it as soon as possible.

      Given how well JU does in MAD and AGP, I wouldn't be surprised if W6 launches their own flights next year.

      So JU already responded and Wizz responded to JU's response ... и тако у круг.

  6. Anonymous16:13

    They are here in Milan for fourth year, but I can't see them yet.


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