Planned Forli - Dubrovnik flights shelved


Planned flights between Forli and Dubrovnik, which were due to commence next Thursday, have been cancelled. The seasonal service was to run twice per week with the ATR72 turboprop aircraft and were to be maintained by Aeroitalia on behalf of the Go to Sky tour operator. Tickets were available for purchase online but sales have now been discontinued. The development comes after flights between Forli and Mostar were also cancelled for most of the summer. Services between Forli and Zadar, scheduled to commence on June 24 are planned to go ahead at this point.


  1. Anonymous10:52

    Pity. I wonder why though? Was it about loads or just poor planning?

    1. Anonymous11:05

      Fake airline;

    2. But it's just shelved. It will probably (re)start. Together with 😃😃😃

    3. Anonymous12:33

      For transfers to USA, Italians will get Aeroitalia to DBV and will get Pragusa to EWR

  2. Anonymous15:16

    This company exists only to collect the subsidies from the government and operate those flights that are essential. Sardinia and Sicily to mainland Italy.

  3. Anonymous16:37

    Surprised Zadar is still on.

  4. Anonymous12:10

    I live in Italy and all my friends hate Aeroitalia. I never traveled with them, but I head really bad experience traveling with them... So I ma not surprised at all that they are

  5. Anonymous17:12

    Maybe Italians are realizing how overpriced the Croatian coast is


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