Eurowings plans to upgrade Belgrade service


Eurowings plans to upgrade its seasonal summer flights between Dusseldorf and Belgrade to year-round operations based on slot requests at Dusseldorf Airport. The decision is still not final and the carrier may still choose to modify its plans, however, according to the slots report, it intends on serving the Serbian capital twice per week over the coming winter. Currently, the low cost carrier has its final flight of the season between the two cities scheduled for October 27. Air Serbia competes directly against Eurowings on the route. The Lufthansa Group airline operates to Belgrade only over the summer months, maintaining flights from Stuttgart as well.


  1. Anonymous13:38

    Great news for travelers, not so great for JU.

    1. Anonymous13:42


    2. Anonymous14:38

      LOL! What really is not great for JU? Two flights a week while JU operates on a daily basis? LOL!

    3. Anonymous17:17

      It is actually great for JU as they offer more flights and flexibility . People from that area often travel to Serbia for a couple of days and EW is not great for that.

  2. Anonymous15:45

    I always avoid EW because their light fare does not include hand baggage.

  3. Anonymous16:03

    Great news!

  4. Anonymous17:05

    They were changing their plans so many times regarding the flights to BEG. Not so reliable

  5. Anonymous01:59

    Horrible airline and DUS airport is so depressing and tired. Flights were late in both legs making a transfer. EW is not the best....

  6. Why Eurowings never acted as a true lowcost carrier branch? Their prices have never been competitive on any routes I explored. It feels a bit strange. At least the rules for the EX-YU are somewhat simple. Competivive pricing, hand luggage included and decent schedule...


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