Forli - Mostar flights cancelled


The majority of flights on the Forli - Mostar route, launched on April 7 and operated twice per week, have been cancelled for the remainder of the summer. The service was operated by Aeroitalia on behalf of the Go to Fly tour operator, with individual tickets having been available for purchase online both ways. However, after a total of fourteen flights in each direction, the majority of the remaining services, which were to run until late October, have been shelved. Flights are only scheduled to run on July 21 and 25, as well as on August 11 and 18. Services between the two cities were maintained with the ATR72 aircraft. Forli was to be one of three scheduled routes operated out of Mostar this summer, the other two being Zagreb and Foggia, which continue to run as planned.


  1. Anonymous10:32

    Who took these frauds seriously

  2. Anonymous10:37

    Lol! Aeroitalia is the only aircraft that has only 737s listed on their fleet pages, you get booked on 737 just for you to get atr seat at the gate

    1. Anonymous10:48

      They are wet leasing ATRs

    2. Anonymous10:52

      Forli (!?) - Mostar: What a combination, what a crazy idea. And why does a country with about 3 million inhabitants have 4 airports and would like to build 2 more in Bihać and Trebinje? Economic expertise equal to zero, no wonder that many emigrate.

    3. Anonymous10:58


    4. Anonymous11:51

      Bosnia is a quite big country so to keep most people flying from their own country it could be beneficial to have more airports. But is has probably also to do with the political situation in Bosnia. Federation of Bosnia and republica Srpska wanting their own airports not agreeing on only 2 airports in Bosnia

    5. Again - which makes zero sense.

    6. Anonymous13:39

      Mostar is the closest airport to Medjugorje, very popular pilgrimage site among Catholics. That was the idea.

    7. Anonymous15:08

      Od cetiri aerodroma , tri rade odlicno. Toliko o smislu koji pominjete.

    8. Oh, well, just keep building 'em then.
      Sweden could never.

    9. Anonymous15:17

      Sales are not the same as profit Anon1508

  3. Anonymous10:59

    All small Italian airlines are fake....
    Go2fly, Aeroitalia, Energy flight, Ernest, Litorali, EGO and many other...

  4. Anonymous11:01

    At the beginning, they announced over 50 routes, which they quickly canceled......
    Another scammers.

  5. Anonymous11:11

    Dubrovnik to

  6. Sok i nevjerica!


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