Jazeera Airways touches down in Belgrade


Jazeera Airways launched seasonal operations between Kuwait City and Belgrade, marking the resumption of scheduled flights between the two cities for the first time in seventeen years. The carrier will maintain two weekly rotations between the two capitals. “We are delighted to be introducing flights to our eleventh destination in Europe. As we keep focus on expanding our network, we offer affordable options for tourists from Kuwait, as well as for Serbian tourists who wish to visit other cities within our network. As a result, we hope to make travel more accessible, encourage tourism in Serbia, as well as offer Serbian citizens an affordable and comfortable option to visit other countries”, the CEO of Jazeera Airways, Rohit Ramachandran, said.


  1. Anonymous14:17

    Great to see another Gulf city being served from BEG. Hoping Flynas or Flyadeal might be the next to add flights next year.

  2. Anonymous14:54

    But as you can see this topic is not as popular as it should be.
    Jazeera is totally unknown in the Balkans but in the Gulf it is a very well known brand.
    Practically the Easyjet of the Gulf run by a very competent management and staff of Indians.
    Wish them much success!

    1. Anonymous15:47

      Jazeera may be unknown to Serbia but it is definitely not unknown to Balkans, specially Bosnia, they have like 10 Gulf carriers over there. Jazeera flies to Montenegro and North Macedonia too.

    2. Anonymous15:51

      Jazeera does not fly to Macedonia. Stop spreading nonsense.

    3. Anonymous17:20

      No Macedonia, sorry, there were some talks. Don't be so grumpy, dude.

    4. Anonymous20:45

      SeeNews wrote that Jazeera flies to North Macedonia.
      Its their fault for misreporting ..

  3. Anonymous15:12

    Instead of Qatar or Flydubai Skopje airport should go after Jazeera .
    Much more chance of a success ..

  4. Anonymous17:11

    The best run private airline in a region saturated with government funded airlines.

  5. Anonymous18:15

    I would have never expected them to fly to Ex-Yu- can absolutely confirm that they are a very good lcc.
    Kuwait Airways is also good but Jazeera even better for the money...

  6. Anonymous19:44

    They also fly to Tirana ^^

  7. Anonymous20:17

    Mr Rohit Ramachandran himself was not on that flight.
    I read some time ago about Jazeeras management team visiting Serbias embassy in Kuwait and the ambassador ( can not remember her name-nice woman) making a return visit to Mr Ramachandran in the Jazeera headquarter.

    1. Anonymous20:40

      That was in june last year and Serbias ambassador in Kuwait is Sanja Vidakovic.
      That meeting was exactly for evaluating flying to Serbia.
      Posted on internet on the ministry of foreign affairs webpage.

  8. Anonymous23:24

    Belgrades most important route for this year .
    After Chicago but still .

  9. Anonymous16:39

    Wow, what a nice addition!!!


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