Ljubljana Airport sees improved May performance


Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport handled 110.926 passengers this May as it continues its recovery from both the coronavirus pandemic and Adria Airways’ collapse in September 2019. The figure represents an increase of 30.7% on last year but is still down 34.7% on the pre-pandemic 2019. During the January - May period, Ljubljana Airport welcomed 407.420 travellers through its doors, down 39.3% on 2019 or 263.515 fewer passengers. Ljubljana Airport has said that services to Istanbul, Paris, Belgrade and Warsaw have already outperformed their pre-Covid passenger levels, while flights to Brussels, Zurich and Frankfurt are close to making a full recovery.


  1. Anonymous13:35

    Regarding subsidies...shouldn't there already be results published?

    1. Anonymous13:54

      I think they're ashamed to announce that the only applications for 16.5M EUR valued tender are from Luxair for LUX-LJU and Air Montenegro for TGD-LJU services only.

    2. Yes. 15 days in public sector is not the same as 15 days in private sector.

    3. Anonymous20:50

      They have decided to keep the 16 mil in subsidies and instead use a few hundred million for a new airline to basically achieve the same (or worse) results. Truly well done.

  2. Anonymous15:02

    Good job Fraport!

    1. Anonymous15:06


    2. Danke Deutschland!

    3. Anonymous20:52

      Not just Deutschland, pozdrav. Radically inept Slovenian politicians and “experts” have a huge hand in that as well. They are running this country into the ground. Greed has a role to play, too.

  3. Anonymous15:37

    If you would have another couple of flights to SKP, PRN, TIA and one or two to CPH, airport would already be doing better than in 2019, since they would have connection passengers that are counted twice. 35% down is far better than most of you think.
    This being said, I don't mean that we don't need airlines to fill some missing gaps. But I'm really not convinced that we need a full state owned airline, just so we can replace LH, SN or LX on routes that are already being served.

    1. Anonymous15:56

      Neither is FRA, BRU or ZRH already replaced. So yes, it seems we need national carrier to fix that and luckily this is happening very soon!

    2. Anonymous16:06

      Anon 15:56 LOL, what are you on???

    3. Im not ann 15:56 but BRU, ZRH do not have a schedule good enought for daily travel, neither does MUC, so even though capacity is near the level of adria, schedule is def not

    4. Anonymous17:13

      13:57 HAHAHHAHA i am sorry but for where will we from Skopje connect through LJU? Why would we fly low cost to LJU in order to fly with LH, Brussels Airlines or Air France to their hubs from LJU when we can easly fly directly to FRA, HHN, CRL, BVA and FMM? Also SKP has more flightd to all of the cities that LJU is connected with. No logic

    5. Anonymous17:18

      Also, it is more logical that pax from Skovenia conncet through SKP on the routes of WZZ in order to fly cheap.

    6. Anonymous19:20

      Anon 16:06, and on what are you on? Tomorrow there is only one morning departure to EU hub, in past we had plenty of them (FRA, MUC, ZRH, BRU, VIE and then CDG/AMS/CPH). So please let aviation topic to people who actually knows something about it.
      And like I said, even FRA is not covered at all, just look their weekly schedule (if you know how to) and you will immediatelly see the difference.

    7. Anonymous20:05

      This might be true, but nothing is happening very soon, trust me!

    8. Anonymous10:01

      The "Adria connecting passengers" story is far exaggerated. We know exactly how much transfer passengers represented in overall LJU traffic - it was 16,6% in 2018 and 15,2% in 2019 (excluding charters). So yes, 35% down is extremely bad result.

    9. Anonymous12:01

      Just deduct 16% from 35% and you're left with only 20% down. Meaning 80% of 2019 has been restored. With existing carriers adding frequencies in the future, when airlines are able to do that (due to lack of fleet and staff), airport will reach 100% like mentioned. Without a new carrier, with no slots, no connections, no alliances,... So, again, and I know a thing or two in aviation, new carrier is much less needed as people are trying to prove.

    10. Anonymous12:16

      You don't know enough it seems and you are bad in math or faking to prove your truth. :-) If you deduct 15% of pax in 2019, we are still 24% down in real terms. While the others in the region are 0-20% up. Strange, the airlines can find the capacity, crew, slots for all other airports except Ljubljana, you would claim?

    11. Anonymous14:59

      I can tell you for sure, that airlines can't find capacity. How do I know this? Because I work for one.. Which also gives me just a bit more knowledge that you think you have.
      And lets not talk about math; you would have new airline on routes already served by Star alliance carriers. Which would either result in letter be empty or legacies stop flying LJU. 1-1+1 is still 1, you know?

    12. Anonymous11:55

      Of course we notice that *A can not find capacity for Ljubljana, but at the same time there is much more cap available for Zagreb, Skopje, Belgrade and others... The math for *A in LJU is not 1+1=1, but 1-1+3=0,59 with record breaking profits for mamma. I understand your position and also your conflict of interest, but there may be better solution for Ljubljana than LH cartel.

  4. Anonymous19:21

    LJU will have much more in 2025, as there will be plenty of pax on Air Slovenia flights as well.

  5. Anonymous19:51

    My prediction for Ljubljana:
    2022 target '23 real'23 target vs. real
    JAN 37.604 56.406 57.912 1.506
    FEB. 38.127 57.191 64.896 7.706
    MAR. 50.928 81.485 78.581 -2.904
    APR. 69.699 96.742 95.105 -1.637
    MAJ 84.866 118.812 110.926 -7.886
    JUN. 102.392 143.349
    JUL. 124.685 160.844
    AVG. 122.667 158.240
    SEP. 118.787 153.235
    OKT. 93.020 120.926
    NOV. 66.843 80.212
    DEC. 60.518 72.622

    total: 970.136 1.300.063 407.420 -3.216

    ps. interesting, there was no article on AEGEAN touch down in Ljubljana.

  6. Good to know the decision on the name has already been brought, along with the fleet, destinations, finances.... 😃Btw, I am all in favour of new flag carrier of Slovenia, but there is a saying, all over ex-yu, jump first, then say hop 😃

  7. Anonymous10:08

    Interesting figures, @anon 19:51 They are confirming what I observed as well - the traffic increase is slowing down and Fraport is again loosing compared to the neighbors. At the end of the year it could be even less than 1,2 mio.


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