Saudi carriers shelve Tivat flights


Saudi low cost carriers Flyadeal and Flynas have cancelled plans to launch seasonal flights from Riyadh to Tivat. Services were to commence on June 24 and July 1 respectively, however, ticket sales have recently been discontinued. Flynas will restore its seasonal operations between Riyadh and Podgorica on July 1. No reason has been given for the cancellations. On the other hand, Flyadeal went ahead with the introduction of its new seasonal service between Riyadh and Sarajevo last week.


  1. Anonymous14:33

    Maybe special training is needed to land in Tivat ?

    1. Anonymous14:41


    2. Anonymous15:18

      Visa regime still not cancelled .
      Serbia signalled its intention to cancel but also still nothing happened .
      This year is lost but we can thank our incompetent and lazy politicians for it ..

  2. Anonymous15:17

    I guess no demand, which is a shame, I thought tour operators can fill these planes

  3. Anonymous15:23

    If Flynas and Flyadeal had flights to Russia they would not have problems to fill flights to anywhere else as Jazeera does .
    It was already reported that Jazeera stuffs it Tivat flights with Russians .
    But Jazeera is also a very well run airline with a vision .

    1. Anonymous18:11

      The world is so much interconnected today that by ignoring foreign markets airlines will have a hard time to stay competitive.
      The same goes for countries that want tourism.
      Interesting times we live in!

    2. Anonymous09:58

      @anon 15:23 I heard a rumor that Saudia intends to launch Moscow flights this winter. So until the "big guy" gets in, the other airlines have to wait. As for Tivat, neither Saudia or Kuwait Airways intend to fly there, so their LCCs enter those markets.

  4. Da li ministar turizma cg postoji i čime se bavi

    1. Anonymous20:02

      Ne, tek treba da se vlada formira.

  5. Anonymous00:45

    180 euro VISA even for Italian passports, too much.

  6. Anonymous00:45

    Btw Jazeera Airways is in talks to open a new base in Dammam-Saudi Arabia.
    If Serbia ever gets a direct flight to there my bet is on them..


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