Aegean Airlines to boost Belgrade service


Greece’s Aegean Airlines plans to increase its operations between Athens and Belgrade next summer season. The carrier intends on maintaining daily flights between the two capitals, up from five weekly services, starting June 2. As a result, the two capital cities will boast three daily flights next summer, two of which will be maintained by Air Serbia. The two carriers codeshare on each other’s services.


  1. Anonymous10:38

    Funny how they are adding flights for summer 2024 when JU hasn't even published winter 2023. lol

    1. Anonymous11:57

      JU will still outstrip them on the route by a factor of 2 at least.

    2. Anonymous12:16

      Aegean is much bigger airline which demands they plan more in advance. Also, serving top tourist destination like Greece, makes sense to already plan summer schedule which will help them negotiate with tour operators and sell some seats on advance.
      On the other hand, AirSerbia is applying more flexible strategy, that helps them grow fast and responds to the demand faster and generate quick income.
      Both strategies are valid and working well, but I believe AirSerbia should balance a bit more towards mid term planning.

    3. Anonymous12:17

      Speaking of which, I am excited even by thinking what they may announce for the winter.

    4. Anonymous13:08

      @10:38 That goes to tell how Air Serbia is not planning it's business in advance and then when chaos strikes that is always the fault of someone else (airport, haters, third party procurement etc). Every major airline already has winter schedule in the system and available for booking.

    5. Anonymous15:15

      ^13:08 +1

    6. Anonymous18:04

      JU announced winter schedule.

    7. Anonymous18:05

      ^ it has not "announced" anything.

    8. Anonymous08:56

      Their winter timetable is the default one. Just last week they added flights to LYS and TSN. S they are still working on their upcoming winter season while serious carriers are planning next summer.

    9. Anonymous10:19

      Anony 08:56

  2. Anonymous16:09

    Let's see if SkyExpress consider BEG one day and increase competition. They seem like a pretty decent and neat airline. In general, Greece has good airlines and Aegean is simply excellent.

    1. Anonymous16:17

      I read somewhere that Sky Express will fly to Warsaw this winter so I don't think them coming to BEG is impossible! They will be more than welcome !!

    2. Anonymous18:07

      So far ,they have upload Warsaw, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf on their schedule for winter

    3. Anonymous23:08

      Fingers crossed that with more NEOs coming to their fleet next Summer they'll launch BEG!

    4. Anonymous23:24

      I think BEG is in their plans and we’ll soon have GQ in BEG

    5. Anonymous08:57

      Honestly I'd rather see Wizz Air launch BEG-ATH at least as a summer seasonal route.

    6. Anonymous10:21

      BEG is a much shorter flight compared to WAW.
      I hope too that they launch flights next Summer season and keep some frequencies over the winter.
      It is actually a good airline with a very young fleet.


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