Banja Luka Airport reopens after damage


Banja Luka Airport has reopened for commercial traffic after its roof was damaged in a severe storm on Wednesday. The interior of the terminal has also sustained damages. Yesterday, Ryanair diverted all three of its planned Banja Luka flights to Zagreb (from Stockholm, Memmingen and Vienna). The first flight to touch down at Banja Luka Airport following its reopening was Ryanair from Memmingen this morning followed by Air Cairo from Hurghada. Today also sees flights to Banja Luka by Wizz Air, Air Serbia and Aegean Airlines.


  1. Anonymous10:35

    wow the terminal was really battered. Good thing they managed to reopen.

  2. Anonymous16:04

    Ryanair flight is from Arlanda, not Skavsta. Wizz has a flight from Skavsta

  3. Anonymous23:51

    Great news. They reopened the airport very fast. Congratulations


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