Belgrade Airport begins main runway overhaul


Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport has begun the overhaul of its main runway following the opening of its inserted runway last month. The 3.400-metre runway, built in 1962, will be overhauled and layered with high-resistance concrete, specially developed for the project, to improve its weight-bearing capacity. Furthermore, it will have a new drainage and LED lighting system, as well as a new system of taxiways, including four rapid exit taxiways (RETs). The RETs will enable aircraft to turn off at higher speeds than regular exit taxiways thereby minimising runway occupancy times. Following the completion of the overhaul, the recently opened inserted runway will be used as a parallel taxiway to the runway.


  1. Anonymous13:30

    No more vibrations on takeoff/landing ๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. Anonymous13:40

    Main runway centerline should be moved 20 meters to the east so two runways can be used simultaneously! That way Belgrade could have two runways in use instead of one in use! Also could help Air Serbia get better slots if needed.

    1. Anonymous16:06

      Anon 13:40 For simultaneous landings and takeoffs using VFR, the minimum separation between centerlines of parallel runways is 700 feet (213 m). For simultaneous IFR operations, Dual simultaneous precision instrument approaches are normally approved on parallel runway centerline separation of 4300 feet (1311 m). There are some improvements in that matter, but with secondary radar & ILS - distance b/w rwys cannot be less than 2500ft (760m). For more info about simultaneous ops on parallel or near parallel rwys visit ICAO recommendations & instructions. But in a few words - no, it is not possible @BEG (for instance @LGW distance b/w centerlines is around 250m which is little bit better than @BEG (210-220m) and simultaneous ops are not allowed).

    2. Anonymous16:41

      This sounds as simple solution, is it really possible? What is also needed beside those 20m.

    3. Anonymous20:01

      The planning application proposes repositioning the centre line of the Northern Runway 12 metres north to allow dual runway operations, aligning with international safety standards.

    4. Anonymous20:03

      Anon 16:06 Distance between LGW centerlines is 200m and distance between BEG centerlines is 190 so 23 meters needed for dual operation!

    5. Anonymous22:26

      Gee, if LGW handles 40M passengers with one runway, I guess runways are not limiting factor for BEG.

  3. Anonymous14:24

    Congrats on runway renovation! Still waiting for Taxi to be allowed in front of new Arrivals.

    1. Anonymous14:28

      It is allowed.

    2. Anonymous15:58

      Not true, taxi queue is still at P3 parking. Passengers can't get into taxi directly outside of Arrivals the way they can get into A1 bus or Tesla parking shuttle bus.

    3. Anonymous11:46

      Taxis are in front of the terminal as of this morning

  4. Anonymous14:27

    The main runway will be used in the future for operation ?

    1. Anonymous14:44

      Too close so I think no.

    2. Anonymous20:27

      New runway is only a temporary solution, old runway will receive full upgrade and it'll become main runway when all the works are complete, current new runway is too close to the main terminal so it is only a temporary solution, once old runway is modernized, new runway will become a taxiway.

  5. Anonymous00:08

    I am still under shock, why the didn't build the second runway on the other side of the airport. BEG with its Air Serbia waves with up to 30 departures and 20 landings in one hour is really in need of two runways.

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    1. ะŸะตั€ะธั†ะฐ19:34

      ะขะฐั‡ะฝะพ ั‚ะฐะบะพ!

  7. Anonymous03:30

    This is all nice. Now it is time for Serbia to begin preparations of the overhaul of Batajnica airport to evantually replace Surcin. The city needs to expand

  8. Anonymous08:00

    Dede Rodni hajde nam objasni te nove tehnologije, prosvetli nas.,

    1. Postovani Anon 08.00
      Kada od mene trazite da vas prosvetlim je neshvatljiv zahtev.
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