Berane Airport to get €75 million overhaul


Work on the overhaul of the derelict Berane Airport in northeastern Montenegro is expected to begin at the end of the year. Germany’s Elite Private Jet Service and US-based Future World Technologies have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Montenegrin government to invest 75 million euros to overhaul the facility. “We expect to sign a Public Private Partnership Agreement in November, or in December 2023 at the latest, and then we can start work on the airport”, the CEO of Elite Private Jet Service, Maik Steinmuller, said. Berane Airport is one of four Montenegrin airports to feature a paved runway and one of three airports in the country to have a terminal building, albeit rundown. Known as Ivangrad until the collapse of the former Yugoslavia, the airport was served by JAT Yugoslav Airlines as well as Pan Adria until the mid-1970s, after which Inex Adria Airways attempted to maintain scheduled services although its terms and conditions were too costly for local authorities. The airport fell into disuse following the disintegration of Yugoslavia.


  1. Anonymous13:31

    Lol next up Celje?

    What a waste of money

    1. Anonymous17:18

      yes of course but right after they expand the passenger terminal at Maribor airport so it will be able to handle all the passengers.

    2. Anonymous21:02

      Investment in infrastructure is never wasted money! People here always associate word airport with the multi million passengers commercial aviation hub, while in fact it can be just enabler for any other sort of traffic or even just used for sport aviation.
      Whether the money will be wasted depends on the way it will be used later on.
      It's impressive how, on the aviation blog, people react negatively on this kind of news instead of being happy for any development in aviation world .

    3. Anonymous22:07

      Anon 21.02 +1!
      You are absolutely right.

  2. Anonymous14:04

    Montenegro keeps winning!

  3. Anonymous14:20

    is this a money laundering scheme?

    1. Anonymous17:43

      Investing 75 million euros of private equity into business jet airport to serve a city of 25k?

    2. Anonymous18:00

      It will probably get used as a base for weapons deliveries to countries that need a little bit of freedom, democracy and a lot of regime change...

    3. Anonymous19:44

      Somebody watched American Made movie too many times

    4. Slav.Man19:59

      Well if this investment and business came from the arabs/ chinese or even the hungarians, then you could take it at face value. But since it is the germans and americans involved its either money laundering and corruption scheme or its designed for making sure its an airport that's functional for NATO war planes to be based and use.

      there is zero rational or functional reason to have that airport, just like all those bosnia

    5. Anonymous22:02

      Future World Technologies doesn't even have a working website... That answers your question

    6. Anonymous19:39

      Future World Technologies is just a fake business .
      Its camouflege for US espionage agency Cia .

    7. Anonymous18:44

      F*ck NATO. It's clear this airport will be used for this sh*t.
      A little country like Montenegro to have three functional airports and to maintain them, lol. Has no sense lol. It's clear this will be misused for faulty things.

  4. Anonymous15:36

    They can always have 2 PSO flights like KVO. But is that the point of investing that much money all while Podgorica and Tivat struggle to sustain the operations due to horrible conditions? Nonsense airports all over the (poorest European) region...

  5. Anonymous19:53

    Really surprising. I was in Beran last month and would've never thought the city had had an airport.

    1. Anonymous00:17

      I mean it's in the City center😂

  6. Anonymous20:04

    Who mentioned commercial flights in this article? All I see here are two companies putting money to fix the airport. Interesting companies too. Can be used as training facilities, MRO center, cargo center, or whatever comes to mind. Who cares how many people live near by in that case?

    1. Anonymous20:56

      Town of 25000 to supply certified workers for a MRO? Cargo center for a place in the middle of the mountain without a highway or a railway? What do you expect, a cargo 747 full of flowers from Kenya to fly to Berane instead of AMS?

    2. Anonymous21:07

      +1000 Anon 20.04

      Anon 20.56, let's see if this will happen and then let's hear what Investor will say about the plans... Ah, no, it's easier to be negative from the beginning, because you know it all the best!

    3. Anonymous22:53

      Don't be negative:
      “Mogu vam reći da će zgrada terminala biti duga 350 metara i imaće 2 sprata. Kula će biti visoka 45 metara. Pista će biti duga 2400 metara i široka 45 metara"
      iza njegove kompanije stoji švajcarsko-američki koncern, koji raspolaže u svakom trenutku sa kapitalom od deset milijardi eura. Projekat podrazumijeva otvaranje dvije fabrike.

    4. notLufthansa01:31

      kula? he seems to be on top of his game, LOL

  7. Anonymous22:02

    All region, especially including Muslim community in Rožaje, Pljevlja, Novi Pazar, etc....they would all use this airport.

  8. Another chance for Jasmin and his "brand new shiny A220 fleet" : Berane and Mostar to Minken and Vrankvurt!

  9. Gentleman10:17

    Montenegrin Government is a bunch of amateurs. Themselves they don't believe in this project. Just unreal political topic. What they do of TGD and TIV is an image and vision of how Berane would pass by.

  10. Anonymous18:17

    The money is not from the Montenegrin government.
    This airport will get propped up to become a interrogation centre for prisoners from Middle East,Syria etc.
    Actually it will be a CIA run torture prison like the ones they operated in Poland.
    You just have to google it, it is all over the internet.

  11. Anonymous19:44

    In the USA torture is illegal.
    Thats why they convert small airports in eastern european countries into bases.
    Montenegro is in Nato so it gladly allows it.

  12. Anonymous00:05

    Maybe they plan to operate cargo planes to Lagos ?
    To import Mangos ..?!

  13. Anonymous00:48

    18:17 Normally i do not believe in conspiracy theories but that makes totally sense to me .
    I mean somewhere this has to happen actually ...


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