Czech Airlines Technics inks Air Serbia deal


Czech Airlines Technics, a subsidiary of Prague Airport, has signed a long-term contract for the maintenance, repair and overhaul of wheels and brakes on Air Serbia’s entire fleet of aircraft. Martin Mintel, Head of Components & Spares Division at Czech Airlines Technics, said, “We are so excited to be a right hand in Air Serbia´s growth strategy. We have been cooperating for many years so this is another huge milestone of our strong cooperation and common path. Our expertise and reliability perfectly match with Air Serbia’s high requirements for component maintenance and therefore signing a contract was just a natural outcome”. Czech Airlines Technics has maintenance agreements in place with the likes of Austrian Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, Finnair, Eurowings, Transavia and Air Corsica, to name a few.


  1. Anonymous13:31

    Samo sto dalje od Jat Tehnike.

    1. Anonymous14:38

      New owners are apparently focused on cargo conversion. In the meantime things have changed. Cargo demand drops while Air Serbia fleet keeps growing.

  2. Anonymous13:34

    Thank you, Marek!

  3. Anonymous13:48

    How does that effect the a-b-c checks?
    I have no clue how that works so I'm asking :)

  4. Anonymous13:49

    Who is their component pool provider?

  5. Anonymous13:52


  6. Anonymous17:53


  7. Anonymous18:18

    Kao sto pise u tekstu ovo je samo nastavak saradnje koji traje vec godinama. Nece se avioni servisirati u ceskoj vec samo kocnice i tockovi kao sto je i dosad bilo od kad je jat propao

  8. Slav.Man22:36

    Czeshka is more than prague.

    Im glad they working with the Czech company. And I wished they could have worked with LOT or LOTAMS for their big service of the planes instead of TK.

    but i know LOT is mainly Boeing and doesn't have Airbus jets.


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